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4.5 out of 5

LOVE our new Pacifica

2016-12-18 09:32:17

We absolutely adore our new Pacifica ( Blue Bus as we affectionately call it). We looked high and low for a vehicle that we could use on long trips and take lots of "stuff". The Stow N Go feature is what sold us. No other vehicle has the flexibility to either seat 8 or totally hide the seats and haul stuff. It is also elegant, with smooth and quiet ride, with all the modern techie features. We especially like that we can her our radio much better on the road. The mileage is great for a minivan too. We drove like royalty from Dallas to El Paso a few weeks ago and we were amazed at the great gas mileage. All in all, we rate our "Blue Bus" an "A+".

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited after week one

2016-07-04 17:20:54

Still discovering everything on the vehicle. After one week I've discovered the rearview camera is controlled by the front camera. As I try to back into the garage on a sunny day everything is fine until the rear of the Pacifica gets inside and the rearview camera goes black. Outside it works fine but backing into the dark garage and it does not adjust for the lower light levels in the garage so the screen is black with some very very faint colors from the few items that reflect the brake lights. What a nightmare as I have to leave the car out or guess where I am backing up. Going back to the dark ages with the backup camera. Appears they have no way of measuring the amount of light needed for the backup camera to work inside a garage. Guess some engineer at Chrysler decided that all we needed was an outdoor only backup camera.Ordered the 8 passengar option but every time I open the rear door, I see the 3 seats across and that center seat is a blessing for those who haul 5 or more people, is still very difficult for the over 80 group to crawl into the 3rd row. While I love the 3rd seat in the second row in order to have that you have to give up the sun roof. In place of the sun roof you get the 8th passenger seat and they force you to take the 20' inch tires instead of the 18" tires. They decided to mount the center shoulder belt in the center of the roof so you could not keep the sun roof. They could have designed a mount to go between the 2nd and 3rd sun roof section, into the *********** or into a compartment in the floor below the seat.The Limited came with anti-theft wheel bolts without a tire wrench (no jack on limited either). So now I have to buy something to carry in the car to replace the jack handle I don't have so the AAA could remove the tire should there be a need some to a tire (rather that flatbed the entire vehicle to get a tire repaired). The drivers side rear panel gives you access to a 12 volt air pump, an extension for the vacuum hose and a filter for the vacuum. On the passenger rear side panel there are no openings or storage compartments. Wonder why they didn't open it up for storage. Evidentially they are leaving that so they can make an improvement from what they forgot on this model. So far the computer is normally behaving but 3 times now I've been told to put my hands on the steering wheel while both hands were on the steering wheel so don't know if it just has an attitude or I will have to get it adjusted. The electric steering requires almost constant adjustment compared to my past Ford and Cadillacs that had a dead on straight steering feel without constant adjustment. Seems to happen any time I get a straight stretch where I don't have to constantly adjust the steering that it thinks my hands are not on the steering wheel. Maybe it was engineered in that you have to constantly be moving the steering wheel? After my first long trip driving I'll know more.After waiting several weeks to get the vehicle Chrysler has discontinued the running boards that were planned as being available later. I also could not get the foot activated sliding door openers as they are not available until later. After waiting two months for the car maybe I should have waited 2-3 years until they got it right.First tank of fuel showed 23.8 mpg in my mixed driving (1-6 passengers, mixed city Highway driving) so that is working as expected. Everything other that these personal annoyances are working just fine. Nice ride, quiet, easy to drive Just missing those little details you expect in a vehicle costing over $46K. I'll see how long it will be until I dent something backing into darkness with no visible rear view camera image working while I back into in the garage. Maybe I'm supposed to get out and walk to the other side of the garage and turn on the overheard lights before returning to the car and backing it in. Now if I could install the sun roof I couldn't get in the Chrysler, into the garage roof to let in more light to see by maybe the backup camera would work!...... Updates on my 2017 Pacifica Limited will be posted.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

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