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2016-04-09 21:59:13

I bought my 06 Cayman S used a couple of years ago, and it has been one of the greatest satisfactions of my life. The handling is incredible, the performance is good (I'd like another 100 HP but who wouldn't?) The 6 speed transmission is smooth as silk, although the double disc clutch behaves rather oddly until you get used to it.Visibility outside the vehicle is very good, with the only blind spot over the right shoulder in the C pillar. Correct mirror positioning rectifies this issue.I read a previous review that said that music was the key to another's driving pleasure. I would suggest that the Cayman is not the vehicle for you. The Bose system is poor sounding, but if you truly enjoy driving, then the radio/CD unit won't be used that often anyway. Alternatively, pick up an after market stereo. This person should have probably considered a Civic or an Accord if they want a stereo with an engine.The mid engine layout means that the handling is neutral; the centre of mass is immediately behind the driver, and this means that the limits to the handling are waaayy out there. Weight distribution is 45/55 front/rear. Storage volume is not great, but certainly better than one would expect. A week away for two people is certainly do-able. However, larger items - golf clubs, a full size guitar- those can't be carried in the car if both seats have butts in them.Service costs are high; but I do most of the servicing myself. I prefer to ensure that the oil gets changed more often that the recommended 10-15 000 mile intervals. As it is, I do it every 7500 miles. All dealers seem to want to add the Porsche Premium - which makes ownership a perpetual game of looking for a better deal. So, what's not to like? A couple of minor nit-picks:1. Power. Need another 100 hp.2. Stereo. For a premium automobile, a better stereo is expected.3. No dipstick. The electronic oil level indicator is not satisfying and one always wonders if it is accurate.4. Servicing costs. Far too high, but if you actually follow the maintenance plan, it amortizes out to about the same as any other car.The correct question to ask to best determine if you are truly satisfied with the car is "would you purchase another"? If the answer is "no", or "maybe" then the car is not the right car for you. It really is that simple.In my case, the answer is a resounding "yes".

2016 Porsche Cayman

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