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4.0 out of 5

2016 RX350

2015-12-09 11:43:13

We now have about 500 miles on this newly redesigned RX350. We love most all aspects of this vehicle. Its looks - totally a departure from the old style - are getting lots of praise from friends and neighbors. My wife was at a mall a couple of weeks ago. A guy runs over to the car, gets out his smartphone and starts snapping all sorts of pictures while asking my wife a load of questions about it! We got the luxury package with the heads-up display and the full safety system. This crazy car will actually drive itself staying between the lane marking lines! There is a motor connected to the steering system. After going about 500 feet with no hands, a big warning appears on the dash to stop that! This is NOT yet a self-driver! The assist is to help you keep within your lanes. The radar controlled cruise control is a must as well! We have that on a 2015 GMC Denali - love the feature! The option 3-led headlights are great - really light up the road in high-beam. Mark Levinson sound is superb. It will play DVDs (can'******* on the 12.3" screen when the car is out of park, but you can hear the movie (much like a book-on-tape!). Gas consumption is not as good as the Lexus ES350 this car replaced, but it is better than the GMC Denali (although it has a Corvette 6.2 liter engine that can run circles around this 3.5!). The extra horsepower this year (295 vs 270) is a welcome addition - and it still used regular.Seats are very comfortable. My wife is short, however, and had double-hit replacement a few years ago. Getting into the car is a bit of a challenge right now. The running boards should be available later this month. They will be a welcome addition to the car. the Denali has power folding - even better. So far, no power boards for the RX - not enough ground clearance in my opinion.Ok - the not so good! The car is extremely noise (engine vibration or exhaust - or some combination) when taking off from a stop. It was so annoying that I took it back to the dealer to check it out for an exhaust pipe not insulated to the frame or some other problem. While they were checking it out, I drove another new RX on their lot. It, too, made a racket. Why???? This is such a gorgeous car - why couldn't Lexus figure out how to ********* takeoff? Our 400+ horsepower Denali with the Stingray motor is as quiet as a church mouse on take off (unless you plant the throttle into the floor - and then, hang on!!). I have to say - as much as I love the rest of the car, I would NOT have bought this new RX if I knew how noisy it was. Family and friends who gawk and love the exterior and interior immediately question the noise when I take them for a ride. I really hope Lexus will look into this and figure out what they can do to give us more peace and quiet on takeoff. Once on the highway, the car is super quiet. NO wind noise whatsoever. It is just the takeoff from a stop that has be so disappointed!!Anyway, that is my take on the car. I would probably give it 4 out of 5 stars. it would get 5 if it was quieter when starting out. That to me warrants a 2-star drop as had I known about the noise, I definitely would have looked elsewhere.

2016 Lexus RX 350

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