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5.0 out of 5

HR-V LX, Front wheel drive, 6-speed manual

2015-12-29 12:38:57

I've had my base-model HR-V for two months and 9000 miles, and I love it. Great room inside, although it would be nice if the front seats were able to move back another inch or two. I like the simple, intuitive controls for the stereo and AC. I love the manual transmission in this car! It's an economy car with great suspension tuning, adequate power, loads of room, and a zippy personality (when equipped with the manual transmission).I bought it for one reason: I'm starting a job which will have a commute of 220 miles round trip, so I needed something that would be economical, roomy, comfortable, wouldn't fatigue me after the commute, and would be reliable with long service intervals. In around-town driving, I'm averaging 32 mpg. On the test runs I've done of my upcoming commute, I've averaged 37 mpg, and have been completely comfortable. I've done a run from CA to NY and back (6850 miles), was very comfortable, and averaged 33.5 mpg loaded down with several hundred pounds of stuff and people. I could probably have gotten better MPG on the trip if I had chosen one with the automatic transmission and slowed down (much of the trip was at 80+ mph), but I like to shift for myself.I looked at a regular Prius and the big Prius. My husband couldn't drive the regular Prius...he's 6'5" tall, and his thigh got jammed between the steering wheel and the center console. The big Prius fit in terms of size, but I'd have to drive more than 400,000 miles before the increased fuel economy of the big Prius made up for the increased purchase price (as compared to the HR-V). I tried a Fit, but my husband was a little cramped. The HR-V gives just enough additional room inside for him, and is still economical and fun to drive.

2016 Honda HR-V

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