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2015 Highlander Hybrid Platinum Review

2015-12-24 10:48:32

I traded in a 2014 Rav4EV one of two electric vehicles we had. I had experienced a problem with the Air Bag System on the Rav4EV that after 3 visits to the Toyota Dealership was still unresolved. We took it back for a forth try and that is when I decided to part with the car. While I loved the Rav4EV, we were limited to about a 125 mile round trip without stopping to recharge. And of course sense there was no fast charger on the car that meant you would have to sit for a long time to gain any mileage during charging. We are planning on moving back to Santa Barbara and felt that we needed a vehicle that could drive at ********* miles without stopping for charging or refueling. The other need was a space for our large Great Pyrenees Frankie. He fit in the Rav4EV but it was tight. The other concern was during the summer when it gets hot in Orange County there is no ventilation in the rear. So we have to have our air at high to keep him cool. So when I made the emotional decision to change cars I wanted something that had the distance capability as well as a space for our boy. There were no large plug ins available that would work. Mitsubishi kept promising to bring their PREV to the States but as yet had not. The Volvo XC90 PREV was not yet available. We decided on a Hybrid vehicle. Three are not too many around that are large. The Lexus RX450 is no a whole lot larger than the Rav4EV so we kind of dropped that vehicle. There was the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Since we have had 2 Prius vehicles, and the Rav4EV, I thought that the Highlander might be a good fit. We drove one and while it felt really large had all the stuff we wanted. I was determined that the next vehicle would have an excellent safety rating. I especially wanted blind spot monitoring. Every time I go from one car to another I have to readjust to the space and that can create some scary situations. The 2015 Highlander Hybrid Platinum has all the bells and whistles. The only things I could think of that were missing were LED Headlights (which I just added), LED Rear Tail Lights (Which I just ordered), Side mirrors that power fold (I am still looking for aftermarket) and a slightly better rating for collision prevention (The car does not completely stop itself but slows down). Other than that there are some picky things. I would like the stereo to have a better subwoofer. The leather could be softer and smell like leather. That is just being picky I guess. As for what I like. The car has great pickup. Nothing like an electric motor for quick torque off the line. The mileage is just far around 26 miles per gallon. Terrible versus our all electric Rav4EV but certainly better than most midsize SUVs. The vehicle is very comfortable to drive. Easy to drive. Visibility is great, and I like sitting up high. It has memory for two drivers so the seats and especially the mirrors can be set. The Entune works well and easily pairs with Apple iPhones. The back has a separate air condition adjustment both for temperature as well as fan speed. Frankie loves that. Also the rear window opens separate from the tailgate which is great when we leave him in the car. We can open the rear windows and then pop the rear glass and he is safe and kept cool. The body style is nice looking. The hood is heavy and needs to have auto lifting struts. I will add those as soon as I find a source. The vehicle drives well and can easily keep up with traffic. Thus far I have not had any quality issues to deal with. I am still getting use to all the electronics. The Navigation works well. You can dump your messages from the iPhone directly into the system and they are then read out to you. I don't using messaging a lot but can see that it would be beneficial. One problem is that I am driving the Highlander everywhere. So the miles driven is much higher than the Rav4EV. So I need to slow down and make sure I am driving our other vehicles. Oh, I really like the auto rear hatch and the fact that you can adjust the height of the opening. With the third row seats folded flat there is a lot of room. So my trips to Lowes and Home depot allow me to bring it all home. All and all this is a great vehicle and will serve us well.

2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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