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2015 Corolla S

2016-11-21 18:28:44

Positives - Great Brakes - they stop on a dime, they're even better than the brakes in the camry, they're actually the right size and power for this car, its weight and its performanceGreat Suspension - Car handles turns at speed, on ramps at speed, it has the ability to be a fantastic corner carver if not for steering - see below)Great interior for $20k car - They pushed it upscale with the materials, the design, the way the ergonomics are set up, its a nice car, its up front and neat, clean, good lines. (The faux stitching is an ugly addition to the RAV4 also)Decent audio system/rear view camera/in-car LCD screen - For stock and no extra money, you can literally choose from about 8-10 different audio sources (they did a good job on options/Bluetooth is a little washy with more than one phone, even with priority)Large Trunk - I use this car as a commuter for work and its very adequate, surprisingly big (Not Jetta big, but BIG)Negatives - Worst Steering in any car I've ever owned (I've owned 30'ish) Electric steering doesnt even know when you're going straight creating one of the least confident driving cars I've ever 'endured'Horrible stock tires, they aid in the highway float that people constantly complain about as a symptom of sub-par performanceCVT Transmission is the worst I've ever had a chance to drive, vs. Nissan, Honda, just so bad, even in Sport mode, the car literally takes a moment to decide, even if you've mashed the pedal (Our 2001 corolla is faster off the line).Seat belt light just comes on and the warning sound beeps randomly (cant find issues at the dealer)Fog Lights are of no use whatsoever, bright LED headlights and then a cheapee halogen bulb in the fogs (nice cost cutting Toyota)All in all, this is a nice car, a good solid option for someone who is a daily commuter, this car fits the bill to the tee, however with one *********** about $2000 too expensive for the quality, the options, driveability and the real world MPG.If I were going to spend $21-22k I'd go see what the Mazda3 has to offer, way nicer interior, more thought put into the suspension and drivetrain. Brakes you'd have to test drive and get a feel for yourself but with modern compact cars, they usually spec similar at OEM in size and quality of discs/pads etc...6 out of 10.

2015 Toyota Corolla

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