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2.5 out of 5

Great vehicle

2015-10-28 10:41:48

Nissan Rogue 2015 SV with family package. Nissan makes quality vehicles, the smallest SUV that can seat 7 and will fit in garage nicely. Mine came with a lifetime warranty on drivetrain and zero percent financing. Cannot see why anyone would pay a few grand more for the SL version with leather seats. Cal trend makes I cant believe its not leather seat covers that outlasts leather and looks like a factory seat and sandstone is a perfect match. Nissan still has timing chains so timing belts will never need changing. The 4cyl is powerfull ,seating is roomy except for the 3rd row but that is expected. Factory stereo, back up camera, power drivers seat, ride and looks and gas mileage are all excellent.

2015 Nissan Rogue


2015-09-30 22:59:43

I bought this car couple months ago, and it was my big mistake1- The bumper is very weak, if you push the back bumper by hand it will move in deep. The front bumper clip taken of from the left side upper the headlight.2- I heard noise and I opened the hood to see how the engine operate. I found the engine vibrating and shaking!! never seen new car engine like that before!!3- The A/C stop working and it was a big issue because the dealer kept the car for 5 days to fix the A/C.4- Its not gas economy at all, the average usage 22 mpg5- When you open the door, the car body has a plastic edge, this edge is not strong. I expect this piece will fail and will looks bad later.I hate this car and I hated all Nissan, I tried to get out of the deal but I cant. I tried to trad it but because its a bad car I get $18000 and I paid about $25750!!MY BIG MISTAKE, THANK YOU NISSAN

2015 Nissan Rogue

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