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7 major problems under 50,000 miles

jack 2019-10-24 20:01:40

I loved this car for the first 24,000 miles. It looks great, perfect for inner city parking. Gas mileage sucks, around 22mph at best, but so much fun driving the turbo engine. The gear shift lever broke at 24,000 miles. At 24,500 the windshield washer tune came loose in the hood and ruined the under hood liner. No liner replacement but they plugged in the hose to fix it. I have fixed it myself at least 3 more times. I kept smelling coolant at 29,000 miles, but they kept telling me they could find nothing ( 2 days without a car and no rental offered ) At 38,000 my car suddenly overheated, I towed it to the dealer, it was a cracked thermostat housing. Under warranty, no car for 2 days and no rental offered. At 39,500 the air conditioning died and it was out of warranty for that. $400 from my own mechanic. He was very surprised it died to soon. I was too! At just over 44,000 miles, I smelled coolant again. It was time for a new radiator!! Not covered, the dealer wanted $1300. They were surprised it went to quickly, and got me a “deal” from GM to “only” pay $500. The water pump also was bad and replaced under warranty. At 47,000 miles the gear shift lever broke again, I replaced it myself with the help of eBay and YouTube for under $20. Now, at just over 49,000 miles I smell coolant again, take it back to the dealer where they replaced the radiator 6 months before believing it was under warranty from their previous repair, but now it is the coolant recovery tank that is broken and they want another $400 to fix a $47.00 part. They asked GM if they wanted to help me out again, since all this is happening under 50,000 miles, but I got a big NO. I paid $150 for the diagnosis and am taking it to my mechanic and having it done for under $200, so I save at least $50 and have the pleasure of never giving Chevy any more of my money. Run from Chevy!

2014 Chevrolet Sonic

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