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mom's 2013 corolla

2014-01-22 16:33:43

bought new 4/2013. Now has roughly 1000 miles. 90% of it's use is local, non-highway driving. First off, didn't realize that this Corolla is just that, not an L, or LE, etc.. Just says Corolla on the back of the car. 2nd---the electronic controlled steering is something to get used to I suppose. The car drifts all over the road at 50mph and above. Thinking it might be the cheapo tires that it came with, possibly out of round.. Still going to have Toyota do an alignment check, tire balance check, tie-rod end check...anything front-end related. 3rd......Says it supposed to get at least 27mph city....according to the on-board computer, it avg.'s 23.4mpg. I guess it's a nice thing that Toyota gives you 2 yrs. of oil changes (6 month/5000miles), which in my Mom's case, that equates to 4 oil changes...then 50+ dollars thereafter because of the 0w20 synthetic motor oil and cartridge oil filter. Thanks a lot. Her 2002 camry came with lifetime free oil changes. I guess there is always something one will be unhappy with...other than that, for the money, it seems to be a decent car. Definitely not in the same class as the '02 camry...probably because that one was better built in Japan.

2013 Toyota Corolla

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