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Toyota Avalon 2013 XLE

2013-07-21 10:19:57

We currently own two Avalons. While my 2005 Limited was in the shop for 4 days I had the opportunity to drive the new 2013 Avalon XLE. My wife and I felt that the new Avalon was harsh riding, that it looked too much like a Ford Fusion and a Hynudai Azera and that we would not be able to take a long trip in this car because the seats were very hard and cramped in the front. The interior materials are not of the quality of previous Avalons. The leather interior was hard and uncomfortable. I usually am the driver for golf outtings. There is no way I can fit 4 golf bags in the trunk even though the car comes with a small temper spare. My 2005 Avalon can handle 4 golf bags easily with a full size spare tire. The new Avalon has been out almost a year and we have seen only a few in Palm Beach County. I understand that in the past Palm Beach County was the largest consumer of new Avalon's in America. I realize that Toyota is looking for younger buyers; but in doing so Toyota ******** core purchaser. We love all of the technical improvements such as the backup camera which add to the sticker price. In order to hold the price down the interior quality was compromised. We will wait for the next model of Avalon before we buy another one in hopes that Toyota will again look ****** core purchaser needs. We were disappointed because we really wanted to buy a new Avalon Limited this year.

2013 Toyota Avalon

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