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2.0 out of 5

A few pluses; a lot of minuses

2016-03-17 19:54:47

The car has a few pluses - nice styling, well built, plenty of zip, good ride.But it has a lot of minuses - needs 91 octane fuel (so you use 93 premium or mix 93 and 89), sunroof (which loses 2 inches of head room), difficult to change oil & filter (you have to remove 18 bolts and the cover to get at the drain plug & filter), tachometer (who needs this with an automatic?), radio station buttons are small, garage door opener on mirror (never could get it to work at this lousy location), straight-up on speedometer is 80 MPH (should be max speed in US @ 70 mph) plus hard to read, GPS is horrible (you enter street before city and need address as exactly in GPS), no seat memory buttons, and on and on. Won't buy another Infiniti.

2013 Infiniti EX37

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