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Hyundai Accent

2015-12-06 10:11:39

I own a Hyundai Accent hatchback purchased new in 2013. This is a dependable, economical run about with adequate power for acceleration and during merging. It's also roomy for cargo and is easy to park if you live in an urban area. I no longer reside in a city and my driving is exclusively highway where parking is not an issue. Although my car is light blue and stands out, I have encountered some instances where other drivers, especially those in higher vehicles, didn't see me and they could've hit me. Should I get into a collision, I won't survive because this vehicle dents from nothing. It does have lots of airbags but the sheer size of it causes it to be dangerous to drive. And I'm not referring to the obvious collision results between a large vehicle and a small one. This Accent hatchback, as nice as it is, it isn't safe. The interior is cheaply made but reasonable roomy for 4 passengers with cargo. I had no mechanical issues so far. So in sum, this is an economical little car with good gas mileage and cheap to maintain. It has 138 hp engine and needs 10 more hp ******* power is adequate and nothing more. Check Consumer Reports, NHTSA and IIHS before buying.

2013 Hyundai Accent

Mr gogo

2014-07-13 02:05:18

The city mileage for this vehicle is 28 mpg. I have a 2009 model that advertised the same. I've never gotten over 20 mpg in city and that is rare when that happened. It averages 18 mpg in city.

2013 Hyundai Accent

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