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4.5 out of 5

Nice Car, But The Radio Is Fraud

2013-07-30 17:07:02

The car is more powerful, runs quieter, get's 20% better gas economy , and is roomier than my 2000 RAV4 was. It has poorer storage area, a phony spare tire, and a crap radio with a very dull AM that is difficult to understand, moderately sensitive FM, and falsely advertised, low power output. Because it does not have source-select tone controls, you cannot correct the sound of AM without destroying the FM sound. The AM volume is much louder than the FM. Most cheap aftermarket radios are much better. My background is pertinent to this. I spent the last 15 years of employment as Senior Design Engineer for Blaupunkt . My job was to evaluate all car radios sold in the aftermarket, and many sold to OEMs in the USA, as Mercedes-Benz, Audio, Ford, and Pontiac. In that capacity, I field tested car radios for acceptable reception from coast to coast in the USA and in Europe, as well as performing complete laboratory testing. Within 10 days of buying the CRV, I went back to the salesman and then the parts people and asked if I could obtain and upgrade radio. I was told none was available for my vehicle. This disappointing performance soon made me attempt to improve the sound. The car I traded in had a **************** radio and it was obvious to me that it was much more powerful than my 160 Watt Honda radio. The Crutchfield Company offered to sell me higher quality speakers and an approximately 160 Watt booster amplifier to boost my 160 Watt Honda radio’s output! As the radio did not appear to be putting out the advertised power, I measured it. That is a basic measurement and can be performed with basic electronic test equipment. I obtained only 40.3 Watts. My complaints to Honda resulted in this type of response (via phone call): 1) They will do nothing. 2) They will not divulge their phony measurement technique. 3) They will not proved this response in writing! Ever hear of fraud?

2013 Honda CR-V

great ride but could've done better tech-wise

2013-01-30 00:53:29

traded 2009 4cyl accord ex-l for '13 cr-v & enjoy many aspects of ride & feel but have a gripe about navi being not as fancy as what was in my 09 accord-- the rotary knob navi much superior & less messy compared to touch screen with tiny up-down OK button! accord had 6 disc CD changer whereas CD in cr-v has only slot for one & forces you to use iPOD or similar gizmo! had to take cr-v in to have navi reprogrammed to work the iPOD which i could not make function! also, honda uses 15gal gas tank in cr-v whereas accord had 18 gal tank with longer cruise range! why the tank size reduction!? acceleration is OK but prior to buying this i drove ford escape but chose honda for reliability, reputation & price comparison! this is my third honda & i enjoy many aspects but have few minor gripes as you can see from this review!

2013 Honda CR-V

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