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Review of 2013 Honda Accord

2014-10-14 11:24:54

2013 Honda Accord

Review of 2013 Honda Accord

2013-09-12 10:33:22

2013 Honda Accord

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2013-09-11 10:41:01

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2013 Honda Accord


2012-12-14 08:29:11

the acuras and honda both need more road noise insulation. i had to increase the volume of the radio due to the excessive noise.

2013 Honda Accord

Nice But Not Spectacular

2012-09-29 23:32:33

Picked up a Sport model yesterday. I have owned 6 Honda's and they are getting better but not perfect. Key feature is reliability under warranty and resale value. The body is beautiful outside and it looks quality. Under the hood the 4cyl looks beautiful and as in all Honda's is buttery smooth but sounds somewhat agricultural from inside the car. Sport model had a good mix of features and the price was right- $24K out the door. The sport has the 18" wheel package, spoiler, and fog lights. They all have the back up camera. Cloth seats of very heavy and durable material. Doors have a leather look material and are very nice. Fog lights are pretty weak and designed more for the width of the road instead of seeing more forward. Low beams are a tad low compared to rivals. Sport models have dual exhaust but do not look for much in the way of sound but they do look great. The rear of the car reminds me of older BMW 8 series with the front looking like a Maxima. Honda now provides floor mats- Wow. However Honda does not provide roadside assistance- bad! I find the center gauges too busy for my liking. The center console is a bit tacky and cheap looking. The cabin has a great view of the road on all sides and is rather airy. Honda has yet to figure out how to make a car Buick or Lexus quiet- shameful. This is the best attempt but not great. Highway mileage is awesome at 34-36 mpg. I average about 30 mpg in the city. I like the car and its great. Just not up to the top standards for ride and quietness.

2013 Honda Accord

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