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Toyota Prius Plugin

2012-10-26 17:06:48

I have owned my Toyota Prius Plugin since March 31st 2012. I preordered it and drove it home to Orlando Florida from New Port News Virginia. With the initial charge from the dealer the car averaged 56 mpg overall for the entire 880 mile trip home. We have over 250 Coloumb public charging stations in Orlando so I have plenty of opportunities to charge. This is where it get's good. I now have 10,050 miles on the car and have averaged 110 mpg over the last 9,200 miles. There is very little inconvenience to plugging in and 95% of the public stations are free. I am learning to drive the car more efficiently every day without being ridiculous and holding up traffic. I just filled up yesterday for the first time in seven and a half weeks. The last tank went 2,185 miles and averaged 252 mpg. I am extremely satisfied with the overall efficiency of the car. I go between 12.9 and 18 miles on electricity before the gas motor kicks in. I know there are other plugin cars that go farther on electricity but they either have limited range and potential stranded issues or a gas motor that is so inefficient it undoes all the electricity cost savings after the battery runs down. I am very pleased with the Prius Plugin and highly recommend this car. Mick P

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in

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