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5.0 out of 5

Ideal Family Hybrid - Excellent balance of comfort, safety and value

ct00000000125834 2012-06-12 00:04:02

My wife and I now own 2 Sonata hybrids - 2011 with 12,000 miles and 2012 with almost 1,000. We liked the first car so much that we purchased a second. What we like: 1) The Sonata hybrid is an extremely comfortable car. We feel that it offers the most room among hybrids priced under $30,000. The ride is exceedingly smooth and quiet. It is joy to transport children and grandchildren - the little ones easily fall off to sleep and the back seat easily and comfortably holds two grandchildren in car seats and their mother (our daughter). 2) This is a great touring car that is ideal for family trips. We easily and comfortably fit 3 adults and 2 children in car seats along with several days luggage. The trunk is not spaceous, but the available space is sufficient to pack suitcases, toys and such. The car is ****** best on the highway and on country roads. 3) The car has a comforting record of safety. My family is precious to me and we chose to forego a Saturn Aura for the Sonata hybrid so that the precious cargo is transported in a very safe car. The handling is sure and the braking true. The car is very able to avoid sudden dangers such as deer bounding out onto the road. 4) After an update of the computer system for the 2011 model, the transitions between EV and gas engine modes became smooth and the low speed hesitancy that Consumers Reports had focused on was gone. The 2012 started out with smooth transitions without hesitancy. The braking was also improved with a free computer upgrade for the 2011 model. 5) The cars get good gas mileage - better if one attends to gentle acceleration and careful use of cruise control. I got 42+ mpg with careful driving in 2011, my wife who does not attend to her mileage values at all got 38-39 mpg in mixed driving that was primarily city. The 2012 is also getting above 42 mpg in mixed driving. 6) The standard features are excellent. The electronic proximity detection systems is a marvel and the Bluetooth is fantastic.

2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The Sonata Hybrid remains the best large mid-size hybrid sedan - Pleasure

robertlruff 2012-04-15 12:51:06

Base__4dr_Sedan~*************************~Cleveland~Ohio~City~Average~Daily Commuting~Family~heated seats~Hybrids: Ford Fusion, Kia Optima, Malibu, Toyota Camry~The Sonata Hybrid is the roomiest and most comfortable hybrid sedan available. The initial concerns with transition between gas and electric modes and braking were resolved by Hyundai with the initial upgrades to computer system. The 2012 model takes advantage of the updates used to improve the 2011 model and adds several very substantial features: 1) the lithium polymer battery has a lifetime replacement guarentee and 2) the car is connected via bluelink. The latter system has several advantages such as the ability to locate and start or immobilize the car in an emergency situation. Gas Economy - I obtained an overally mileage of 41 mpg in mixed driving. The car is sensitive to weather - bettter mileage in warm weather than in cold and snow. The mpg drops with use of car/seat heating and letting the car warm up when it is cold outside. The best mpg is obtained with gentle acceleration and braking and using cruise control when practical during low speed, stop-go driving. The car will run in EV mode for periods of time at speeds into the mid-60's. I can get close to 50 mpg if I were to drive under cruise control at 50-55 mph. Driving - The transition from EV to gas is smooth and without jolting. The car will start slowly in foward or reverse with no pedal pressure, which makes parking easy. The visibility is good for driving/parking. Excellent control in emergency braking. The car is ****** best driving for extended periods on highways. The seat is supportive and easily adjustable, as is the steering wheel. Space - The seating is comfortable and there are several features that make the ride more comfortable for folks in the back seat. The middle arm rest with cupholders is a nice features when driving two children - each has her own cupholder and both can use the arm rest. Trunk is not large, but the space is useful. I have transported my wife and I, two children in car seats and an adult daughter in comfort along with luggage. Sum-Best hybrid Car~false

2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

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