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Way ahead of it's time

Ian 2019-07-03 18:57:38

I purchased this vehicle in 2013. It loos pretty much the same now as it did then - really impressive. It's the Elite version with great looking wheels & Black with Chrome Trim, even on the side bars. It has an array of options which only now are beginning to appear on a lot of vehicles - Blind spot indicator, front radar facilitating adaptive cruise control & auto collision braking, voice control, bluetooth, USB, 3 power ports, charging port, DVD system (full front or rear control), AC front & rear, Heated seats front & rear), auto sensing rear mirror, Memory seats & steering wheel, etc. Then there is the 3.7L 300 HP engine with AWD, anti-skid, anti-lock, & Vtec. the flat fold down (2 rows) of rear seats makes it extremely flexible for carrying 7 people or lots of luggage or some of each. I think this particular (Elite) version of the MDX may be the best vehicle $ for $ that Acura have ever built.

2012 Acura MDX

Review of 2012 Acura MDX

AOL user 2013-09-17 14:35:13

2012 Acura MDX

2012 Acura MDX Owner Review

vk00000000110440 2012-01-12 16:04:18

Paid $43,500 for Tech Pkg (includes $1000 returning acura owner rebate), for Black MDX with Taupe Interior in late December 2011. I really like this car, however there are some cons. The taupe interior is way too **************** every spec of dirt. The parking brake is in the way of my left leg. The voice command system is kind of a joke to me. Usually when I give the car a command, it doesn't hear me. It randomly then takes an action that I didn't want. Then I have to figure out how to cancel what it just did. For example, it doesn't hear me when I say a word that starts with C. Kinda of annoying when you need to say "cancel" to stop when just happened. With voice, it never understands the streets I want when I need to calculate a route. I don't like being given random streets and manually having to select buttons to back out of the system. The hands-free claim of this vehicle is NOT true. I'm constantly, admittedly, distracted by all the buttons and menus. The hard disk drive for storing music is nice, but it doesn't let you know when it's done recording a CD unless you are visually looking at the HDD screen. I can't stand that the automated voice tells you every single thing you've selected on the menu. While listening to the radio, and scrolling through channels, if you hesitate, it tells you when channel you've scrolled to. But there's too much of a delay to scroll without looking at the screen so you've already read it before it stays it. Really annoying. I need to look in the manual to see if I can turn this off. There's no intuitive way to re-set the trip meter on the mileage either. I have to figure that out too. The blinker/lights lever is way too far away from the steering wheel. I have short fingers and I can barely reach it. This is to leave room for the sport shift paddles that are pointless unless you are on a straightaway. There are many pros too. Fast engine, comfortable, attractive, great sound system, roomy, soft leather

2012 Acura MDX

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