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5.0 out of 5


Inti 2020-02-07 17:15:25

2010 Volkswagen CC


AOL user 2011-12-26 20:01:48

Engineering features that I will miss in my next car: - A kick-ass turbocharged I-4 that gets 25+ MPG tank to tank - Ergonomically supportive driving position (both elbows comfortably supported) - Automatic cornering headlight system - Auto Hold for easy acceleration away from red lights (no need to hold clutch or brake while stopped) - Back-lit instrument panel - Satellite radio - Absolutely quiet windshield wiper motor - Absolutely quiet interior (muted wind noise / truck tire noise) - 17-inch wheels - Kick-ass styling to match the kick-ass engine (just now being copied by lesser wanna-bees)

2010 Volkswagen CC

best car I have ever had

gtc1347 2010-10-07 00:32:35

Sport__4dr_Front_wheel_Drive_Sedan~********************,000~16-25~~Georgia~City~Easy-Going~Daily Commuting~Fun or Weekend Car~~~I would recommend anyone planning to purchase a new car to get VW CC. It is just a beauty,. so economical. I put 505 miles on a tank. It is a joy to drive it too. There is nothing negative about the car. VW CC is th car o not only 2010 but of all the years to come.~false

2010 Volkswagen CC

CC R Line aka Drop Dead Gorgeous

smweider 2010-09-18 09:26:50

Sport4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan~*************************~Pittsford~New York~Suburbs~Spirited~Daily Commuting~Fun or Weekend Car~~Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Cadillac~This is my first VW and all I can say is what a car! The CC R Line is one of, NO, THE most beautiful car on the road and for a price that will make your head spin. Mine is a 2.0T automatic,in relex silver/solid black interior R Line Sport model. I've not leased a car before but with a hefty monthly college tuition bill, the $299/mo lease for a car this gorgeous is an unbeleiveable value. Did I mention that this car is a blast to drive with a sweet turbo and mpg of 28+. With the new economic reality that has occured, it's great that a company like VW "gets it". Word is that VW wants to be the #1 auto company in the world by 2017. With cars like this, that's a no brainer!! I'm sold, and lov'in every minute!~false

2010 Volkswagen CC

2010 CC purchased at end of May

backfixer 2010-09-04 13:39:01

I saw this car in 2009 at a dealer and being a passat owner, I was wowed by the aggressive good looks and two tone interior. I drove it and was impressed. Flash forward a year, I was able to convince the wife to stay with the volkswagen brand as we test drove it on the highway. This car had some serious moxie under the hood and it was only a four turbo. It blew the doors off my 2001 v6 in the passat. They gave me a great deal at Douglas, the dealer in Summit NJ which NJ and made the entire experience great and treated me as if I was important (a must if you want to sell cars in this recession). The car averages about 29 on the highway but you can nurse it up over 30 if you are not too aggressive. Overall driving without hitting the accellerator too hard gets you 25 mpg. The only negative is premium fuel, but the car is a performance car, corners like its on rails and passes other cars on the freeway like its nothing. Great car. These cars should be flying off dealers lots. For the money, this is the best value out there and mine came with bluetooth built in. The only other caveats are that the sunroof does not fully open (my car did not have the feature) and the car has two seats in the back rather than three. All and all, this is a great car for the money, quite, fun to drive and worth every penny.

2010 Volkswagen CC

Review of 2010 Volkswagen CC

pfleckwillison 2010-04-09 22:17:41

I traded my 2004 Jaguar S-Type for the 2010 Volkswagen CC. Trade a Jag for a Volkswagen? YES! I love this car, and can seriously tell you that it is way more fun to drive than the Jaguar. (The Jag was constantly under repiar, and when the seatbelt chime wouldn't stop dinging, I had had enuogh.) I've had the CC for a year now, and never had an ounce of trouble with it. Only problem is, if I don'******* it, I am up to 90 miles an hour on the highway before I even relize it.....thank you VW guys, for adding the mileage limit bell!

2010 Volkswagen CC

I'm sooo Happy!

marksimmonsnj 2010-02-06 08:02:53

After driving my Nissan Altima ( a nice car). I wanted to step up my driving fun and quality, without breaking the bank. I have had the car for 1 month now, and boy. It's everything I wanted in a car. Its fun to drive, looks great, quiet interior noise level,Oh and did I mention fun to drive. Don't walk, run to your local VW dealership, and take it for a ride. PS.. don't forget your check book. I know you will be driving out with one.

2010 Volkswagen CC


AOL user 2009-12-30 14:26:31

I leased the CC in February of 2009, after my lease for my 2009 Passat was ending. I am having the same experience as others here!....countless numbers of people have asked me what kind of car it is, or they express how nice they think it is. It truly is a gorgeous car. Besides the look, the quailty of this car is great. It drives smooth, and does'nt guzzle gas too much. And for most 2009 models, VW gives you free maitenence. Overall I am very pleased with this car.

2010 Volkswagen CC

VW with style and speed

erivera1966 2009-12-03 18:43:47

I purchased this vehicle about 2 months ago and I have had so many people tell me what a beautiful car it is. I had people with BMW, Porshe and even Mecedes inquire what kind of car it is. The amount of technology, styling and power in this car is worth every dollar I spent on it. I love the response on the 2.0 T, 200 HP engine that provides a great MPG in the process. I went in to just take a look at the car and drove off the lot with mine and I dont regret it. It is a joy to drive!

2010 Volkswagen CC

Beautiful and Functional

AOL user 2009-10-28 21:09:55

I bought this car one month ago and am extremely pleased. Volkswagon definitely took a step forward with this model. It is elegant, and comfortable at the same time that it is sporty and efficient. Beautiful interior, zippy and easy to handle, great sound system and much better mileage than my previous WV Passat AWD 6cyl. The color options are great as well!

2010 Volkswagen CC

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