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3.0 out of 5

Not a great value

J 2019-06-10 15:06:12

We purchased this car brand new in 2011 and really feel we paid too much for it. I'll be honest, we bought it because it's a Toyota and wanted something that was reliable and safe. This is a bare-bones, no frills vehicle that is not comfortable for long trips, doesn't achieve great fuel economy in the city and uses cheap interior materials. The first month we owned the vehicle, my wife accidentally knocked the heater temperature dial with her hand. She didn't strike it so hard that you would expect it to break but every since it's been cockeyed and I have been unable to adjust it back. The radio is embarrassingly terrible. After about 3 years, the radio simply stopped turning on when the temperature was below 40 degrees outside. It works once the cabin heats up but most of the time, none of the buttons or dials work so you're stuck on the same radio station at whatever volume it's currently on. A few times it would turn on by itself after hitting a bump in the road and I wouldn't be able to turn it back off...ugh! Finally, the front seats are absolutely terrible. I once went on a road trip about 560 miles and was in agony the last few hours. The seats feel very cheap and have poor cushioning and provide terrible posture. This is not a vehicle you want to buy for long trips...Repeat, this is NOT a vehicle if you take road trips! Despite all of these inconveniences, the car always starts up and gets me from point A to point B. We no longer use this car for vacations but it never fails to get me around town, as well as to and from work. If all you need is something that starts and runs to get you around town, there definitely are cheaper options but a 2011 Corolla will work.

2010 Toyota Corolla

traded in my F150 pickup for small, fuel efficient car.

sjmllbn 2011-10-26 16:26:36

bought a 2010 corolla LE in March 2011 with no miles on it. after 7 months it still has 3200 miles on it as i only drive it locally. around 800 miles on it i noticed the tachometer was flucuating alot when idling at a red light or stop sign. at times the engine would idle so low that it would vibrate, thinking it was gonna stall out, which it did not do. fast forward i now have 3200 miles on it and it still flucates when idling between 500-800 rpms and sometime vibrates like it may stall, and dealer checked it out and said it checks out ok, the computer in the engine is merely adjusting to the way i drive it. it goes in to dealership again next week for a diagnostic as it makes me uncomfortable the way the idle goes up and down on it's own. anyone else have this problem?

2010 Toyota Corolla

driver seat keep sinking

isradelval 2011-04-07 13:26:47

took it to the dealer, but they refuce to fixit. and the seat keep sinking by itself. brandon dealer very bad customer ***********. for sel the car they are very nice but to fixit they are not.

2010 Toyota Corolla

2010 corolla s

irmandan812 2011-03-28 20:50:12

four months in and we are satisfied was going for the civic and glad we got the toyota will keep in touch time will tell

2010 Toyota Corolla

problem from the beginning

kayxemoe 2010-12-28 23:07:07

car had problem from the beginning, deal service did not detect the problem early on, ..... later things starting failing one at a time, sent home saying safe to drive with damaged wheel ball bearing... head quater says problem fixed but wont gurantee it because deal says parts were replaced, asked for rental car before the arbitration, head quarter refused, says we have to ride the car on our own risk or pay for the rental car for ourselves... terrible, terrible service, we own 2 toyota, ... will think over next time buying another toyota, Toyota have not learned lesson yet or they just don;t care.

2010 Toyota Corolla

Great value for the money.

markelwell 2010-04-15 22:14:08

OOk I admit I was really wanting a Honda Civic... But, test drove the 2010 Corrola and was so impressed that I bought it right after driving it. I love the sspace and fuel economy just a real good car. I eexpect to drive this car for at least 200,000+ mmiles. Oh what a feeling... Toyota!

2010 Toyota Corolla

It's not what it used to be

AOL user 2010-02-01 20:56:06

I've been a loyal Corolla owner for 25 years and bought my fifth one in July. It drives well; it gets about 33 mpg all year round; it's very quiet and I expect it to continue to be problem-free as long as I do what I've always done. I bring it to my mechanic on a regular basis and have recommended service performed. Now to the minuses. The visibility is terrible. They've made it as big as the Camry was 25 years ago and I can't see the back end easily. Hate to back up. I don't believe all the buttons I have to push to see what time it is or what the temperature is! The radio is the worst that I've ever had in a Toyota and Toyota's have never had good radios. The car has no distinctive shape to it; it looks like every other car in its class. It looks like the regular Corolla designers were out to dinner and they let some amateurs fool around with designing the dashboard and the exterior shape. The middle console in the front seat is awkwardly placed and I have trouble finding where to attach my seat belt all the time, especially with a winter coat on. But none of these minor problems were that big a deal because it was a Toyota. A car I could trust to be safe. The brand car I sent both my children to college with. Might be boring but it was dependable and safe. Now there might be a problem with the accelerator and the way Toyota has handled it has amazed me. I still haven't received a letter but I'm not chancing driving down the middle lane on a very busy highway and having to slam on my brakes, shift into neutral and slowly make my way into the breakdown lane. I feel so disillusioned! I seriously considered other cars, for a change, but ended up with my good old Corolla but the visibility issue is major. And that's no even getting in to how big an issue the accelerator sticking is. Next car probably won't be a Toyota.

2010 Toyota Corolla

2010 Corolla S

astongrid 2010-01-22 09:42:38

Beats other cars in its class in terms of silence, chassis rigidity, real-world fuel economy, interior room, resale value, insurance, and looks. And I highly recommend the manual 5 speed, so much more fun to drive and better performance all around, not to mention even easier on the check book. The seats are great in the S model; the bolsters hug you and the seats don't get dirty as easily as the lighter colored fabrics do. Also, the seat height adjustment is a big plus just like the steering wheel height and depth ajustments; combine all three as well as as the usual sliding & reclining seat adjustment and you'll be hard pressed not to fit perfectly. Adjust the mirrors (electric adjustable & heated mirrors in my car) and you're good to go. The 16 inch alloy wheels look classy and the 55 profile tires (205/55 R16) provide a nice mix of comfort and side load cornering feel. I pump mine at 35 psi front and 33 psi rear which is within my 10% comfort/performnace zone (recommended pressure is 32 psi all around). I love the weight and accuracy of the power steering; they must've tuned it for the 2010 models because I can't fault it despite what I've read in some reviews and I'm picky (I've driven many cars including rear wheel drive cars with and without power steering; all of which are known for exemplary steering). Buy the 5 speed manual and rev it as much or as little as you like; you're in control and it is very responsive. You will keep up with bigger and more powerful cars and burn less gas: they can't escape power to weight ratios. And when you downshift before entering a corner, save wear and tear on your brakes, and maintain your line, you'll be reminded yet again that you made the right choice. And you don't have to exceed speed limits to enjoy yourself. It's a simple, fun, and very quiet car that will keep you fresh on a business trip, commute, family drive, even on an errand to pick up home improvement materials with the rear seats folded down.

2010 Toyota Corolla


netsuke3 2009-12-31 23:18:41

How do I hate thee?let me count the ways.Yes the clock is awkwardly placed.You have to take your eyes off the road to see it.The location does not even protect it from the sun.The windows are too small.Accessing drive up ATMs is a real challenge.I bought the car for mileage.It gets about 37 miles to the gal.Seriously OK !!The front seat puts me in agony.I'm not very big but the interior design is cramped and awkward-so much for long trips.Oh,yeah, the radio is full of static and not very powerful.This car does hold the road pretty well.Perhaps the legendary reliability will benefit the owner down the road.(It probably won't be me:my back can't take it)Why didn't I buy the Sentra??

2010 Toyota Corolla

Sinking driver's seat.

AOL user 2009-10-08 19:26:49

The driver's seat keeps sinking down. I took it to the dealer several times, but they cannot fix the problem. They say that they cannot verify the problem. All they would have to do is to drive the car for a few miles and see how much the mirrors go out of focus because of the seat going down. I am extremely aggitated by this issue and the unprofessional atittude of the dealer. 2010 Toyota Corolla is a lemon. You can only see the time or the temp gauges one at the time. The displays would have to be constantly moved where other cars normally have different displays which can be seen without pushing buttons. Very bad feature. I will never buy another Toyota. Toyota is not what it used to be. You are better off with another car.

2010 Toyota Corolla

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