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WOW! What a fantastic machine!!!!

2013-01-15 21:25:23

In my entire life I have never ever liked Mercedes Benz cars. I had an unflinching perspective that the ONLY reason people were buying these cars was purely out of status. They never ever appealed to me and their body styles were simply stoic to say the least. They appeared boring and way overrated. I mean I neverrrrrrrrr wanted to even be in a Mercedes Benz. Then in 2009 I saw (on a highway) the most seductive, miraculous and downright phenomenally stylish car that I've ever seen. Then later I saw another one but only rarely. I told my wife that I had to have that car and I couldn't believe it was a Mercedes Benz. I said no way that could be a Benz. Then I suddenly thought there's no way I can afford this "James Bond" looking machine because it was probably $200,000 or more. Moreover I figured it had to be a concept car. So I researched into it and not only discovered that it was affordable but that I could even afford the fully equipped version down to the illuminated door seals. I told my wife that in one year I will purchase the brand new 2010 and drive it off the showroom floor and I DID! However I almost canceled the deal because the dealers couldn't find one with illuminated door seals although every other feature was in the car. These various dealers were stunned that I would cancel the deal over one feature...the illuminated door seals. I had to have it all and eventually a dealer found one in Ohio and I live in Florida. The only word I can best use to describe this machine is "SEXY". And I do mean Sexxxyyyyy. OMG I can't get enough of driving it. I've owned quality cars all my life but THIS PARTICULAR MACHINE IS BY FAR THE GREATEST. Thank you Mercedes Benz for finally "GETTING IT" when it comes to a very attractive machine like this. Then you also produced the S-Class another OMG machine. My family and friends rag me about my years of conviction that I had towards Mercedes Benz and how I've suddenly transformed my beliefs. I love this machine!

2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

Review of 2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

2010-09-23 15:39:19

This is one remarkable and extremly sexy car to say the "least". Unitl I saw this class of Mercedes-Benz I was not impressed with their cars. Of course they are extremely high quality machines manufactured by some of the best auto makers in the world. However, they never tickled my fancy. Which left me in amazement how so many would spend so much money for them. Never the less, I'm driving one day and "BAM" this car passes me and took my breath away. Later, I saw another one and this tyime had the opportunity to get up close to it. I couldn't believe it was a Mercedes-Benz. Suddenly I had to have one and my quest took me on a "real-deal" search through my USAA account. They were offering a great car buying program and after about a month of searching I was driving my very own brand new Obsidian black, fully-loaded 2010 CLS550. All I can say is "BAM". It is totally remarkable, smooth, gorgeous, and accelerating genius with POWER, sexy and classy beyond description. Can't believe I bought a Mercedes-Benz knwoing how I felt about them. However, THIS PARTICULAR Mercedes is simply dynamic. Without a doubt this is yet another phenomenal financial decision I've made in my life and one that carries the security of a remarkable vehicle, quaility ******* utlimate best, style for the ages, a driving masterpiece, comfort beyond compare, too many appointments and glorious amenities to mention and eveything I never saw in previous Mercedes-Benz that I emphatically admire and love in this one. Way to go Mercedes-Benz! Now keep that flavor coming for years to come. Um, um, um what a car!! No, what a remarkable machine!!!!!!! G2

2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

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