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2010 Kia Optima

2015-03-30 12:05:25

This car would be the perfect Sedan if it weren't for its major safety issue concerning failure of the airbags to deploy. I bought my 2010 Optima used about 2 yrs ago and one day out of the blue in late 2014, my airbag light came on. I got my car checked and it turned out that my passenger side airbag was failing to work due to a problem with connecting to the sensor in the clock spring (keep in mind my car has never been in an accident). Now, practically all Kia models had this problem from 2006-2009 (there was a huge recall). Unfortunately, my VIN number was not included in the recall, in which case KIA told me "tough noogies". Considering the repetitive problems KIA has had concerning failure of airbag deployment I would not recommend this car. the Optima has a high rating for safety partly due to its numerous airbags (curtain airbags, side airbags) but the numerous airbags are not good if they do not deploy. I'm buying another car at the end of the year, and prior to this problem I believed it would be a newer Optima. However, after my experience in having to cover costs for a manufacturer defect that means life or death, there is no way I would buy another KIA.

2010 Kia Optima

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