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3.0 out of 5

2010 hynbdai accent is a flimsy dirt magnet

2011-08-29 23:19:16

Falling apart in 7,000 miles, side mirror cover bumped when shoveling snow, fell off, numerous dings in plastic bumper and interior, seats do not move or fold down enough, windshield cracked at 7,000, flat windows catch all kinds of crud constantly, too low of clearance, stupid shield interferes with oil change, semi sunk windshield catches all kinds of crud and is prone to having the drain holes freeze up then there is a lake in the window, with the wipers frozen into it. The rear tail light assembly is placed where it just begs to be hit - and so it has! Charger will not charge when key is off so is useless to charge my equipment, but it is safe to leave it out on the street with the keys in it and unlocked-no one will steal it! I bought this thing to save money, and that was a mistake, since it is too fragile for normal use I will not fix anything anymore and will have to save money by not washing it, all that dirt camouflages all the other stuff that is breaking up and falling apart.

2010 Hyundai Accent

2010 Accent Blue ( Base Model )

2010-06-08 21:51:13

Just bought a 2010 Accent for next to nothing. If you are in the market for a basic mode of transportation without a snazzy Radio or AC. **Remember the days when you had to hand crank your own windows : ) This car rides well and accelerates when you need it too. The 10yr\100K warranty and roadside assistance alone is enough to make you buy one. I have to say it would have been nice to get a set of floor mats, but then again, with the money I saved I don't fell bad about buying my own. Also don't get the stock Radio if you don't have too. I installed a Sony Xplod for 150 bucks and it's sounds better. My advice is to wait out the dealers. They have alot of 2010 inventory still on their storage lots. However there are some good deals out there if you shop around. Happy Motoring.

2010 Hyundai Accent

Review of 2010 Hyundai Accent

2010-05-22 16:33:21

I bought an automatic 2010 Hyundai Accent after owning a 2003 standard Hyundai accent. I like the new car, but disappointed in the gas mileage & it doesn't seem to have any power. I live in western Pa & was totally disappointed in it on snow covered roads. I immediately invested in 4 GOOD winter tires! Overall, I like the car, I guess I am just used to driving a stick all my life. This is the first automatic I have ever owned. No power!!!

2010 Hyundai Accent

A good small car - largely underated and overlooked.

2010-02-07 23:54:48

I've owned my 2009 Accent for six months now, and have but 16,000 miles on it. Long enough to get a real sense of how the car performs. Pro's. It's one of the best deals in a small car. I paid $11,300 for a black 4-door sedan with AC and auto. It did not have a stereo but was prewired with speakers and antenna. Cost less than $200 to get a decent stereo installed. It drives much nicer than you expect from a small car. Smooth both in town and on the highway. It's not a Lincoln Town car on the highway but neither does road and wind noise drown out the radio. It handles securely and returns good gas mileage. I drive more highway miles than most (about a 30/70 split) and average 30mpg. When driving all highway at 65-70 it gets about 33 mpg. It's not fast but it does not feel the least bit underpowered. The trunk is good size, the seats are comfortable in the front. Rear is a little cramped for adults in the back but what can you expect from a small car? Hyundai offers a good warranty and I the dealership I bought it from appears to have a first rate service dept. Cons: The suspension is soft in the rear, with two adults it bottoms out on bumpy roads. The AC works great in the summer, but in the winter if it is below freezing I think they compressor must cut out as it does not defrost well. All the air has to be directed on defrost. My 2000 Elantra never has a problem with fogging up - nor does my 2004 Kia Sedona. I may ask the dealership about this at my next servicing. Hyundai does not offer several of the most popular options for the Accent - Cruise, Power windows & locks - except in an expensive package that has other stuff you don't want or need (almost 3k). Those three items above along with a stereo need to be offered as a package for about a grand. You can get power windows and locks on the Focus for $200 each. You can find aftermarket cruise for $200 but but the locks an windows? At ********** small car- easy to reach everything.

2010 Hyundai Accent

Excellent value and quality..cute too.

2009-11-15 12:54:29

Surprisingly nice for the least expensive of the Hyundai line. Textured fabrics and solid build quality inside. Lots of nice convenience features in the higher trim models. The base model is okay, but nowhere near as nice as the SE. I wouldn't expect too much from it, besides basic transportation and good warranty...and cuteness. The engine performs better and the mileage gets better after engine break-in. A lot of people criticize the car's mpg or performance before the engine has even broken in. It can take the first 5,000 miles or more. I've had no squeeks or rattles or problems of any kind, this car is a joy to drive. The automatic is supposedly a little slow, but the manual is lively....after break-in. The hatch is easy to use and handy. I would ignore the few people complaining loudly about the car, fumes and other nonsense.....it has a new-car smell like it should, nothing more. Some of these people will criticize ANY and all cars they purchase, because none will ever be good enough. Great little car. I wouldn't trade it.

2010 Hyundai Accent

Bad gas mileage, overwhelming flormaldyhide fumes

2009-10-23 06:41:38

I would rate this car as a 1, not a five. Gas mileage is not close to what is says, chemicals inside car make it impossible to ride with windows up, so, no driving in the rain or in the cold. Is anyone else having this problem? Fumes are so bad I have to have an inhaler to drive it. Never had to have one before. Was in the hospital 3 days with oxygen before the first week was up after buying the car. my opinion? you can buy a full size truck and get better gas mileage, and stay away from the interior of the car all together!!!! Do not buy. Service dept degrading to women, but bring back a male with you and all of a sudden they agree. They have not worked out the problem as of yet, andit's 3 months old@@

2010 Hyundai Accent

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