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2010 F-250 Superduty XLT Lariat 4x4 Crew Cab Power Stroke Diesel

2010-12-26 11:05:44

This my 5th Ford Diesel truck since 1982. I have owned the 1982-6.9L, 1988-7.3L, 1993-7.3L, 2003 7.3L, and now the 2010-6.4L The 2010 has less noise and gets the poorest fuel ecconomy. Howqever, it still has plenty of power, though I dont think it has as much as my 2003 - 7.3L It runs real smooth except when the exhaust system regen system is cleaning the exhaust. I do like this idea better than the new system they put on the 2011 models, but the clean air is at the cost of power and fuel ecconomy. My prior trucks did not have all this new pollutuon control on them. They sounded more like a diesel and smelled like a diesel. The 2010 does not sound much like a diesel and there is no diesel exhaust fumes. The ride is great and the noise level is low. The truck is great on long trips but around town I preffer my Ford Expolorer Sport Trac for parking reasons. I have had this truck nearly a year and have not had any problems. It is a fun truck to drive and I get a lot of complements on how nice it looks and rides.

2010 Ford F-250

Powerstroke Diesel Power

2009-06-27 14:37:59

Hi, I'm from West Virginia and recently drove the 2010 Ford F-250 XLT at my local dealer. I was very impressed with how smooth it rode over the bumpy mountain roads. If you would completely stop and then slam on the gas it would have a lot of torque. So much that you would fly back in your seat. If you're looking for a new 2010 model truck, I recommend you check out the new F-250!

2010 Ford F-250

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