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My 2010 Dodge Nitro SXT Review

2010-10-28 00:17:55

I own this SUV. I love everything about it. I found it to be very reliable. I have almost 14,000 miles on it I bought backe in Feb. I have cloth interrior. The interrior is two toned color. Black and gray. For the price I paid it has a lot of features. I have the vehicle infromation center which tells me the outside temp, compass, gas milage, tells me if I have a tire low which tire it is and the pressure of all four tires. Of course pwr windows, pwr mirrors, pwr drivers seat, the front passenger seat flods flat. The rear seats recline. The best feature of this SUV is the u-connect love this option all cars should have this. The Nitro is quick for a 4,000 pound truck. It is a lot of fun to drive. Very comfortable on a long trip. Plus I feel really save iin it with the 4x4. NO fear getting stuck anywhere. And if I do I have the U-connect blue tooth phone. LOVE LOVE LOVE MY NITRO

2010 Dodge Nitro


2009-10-18 09:41:48

The current state of affairs in the country has led us to look a little deeper at every purchase we make. CR and other car mags have kept us away from the Nitro since it was released. After 3 Rovers in a row the price of the Nitro SLT caught our eye. If your're looking for a rough and tuff 4x4 with out a $60K price tag take a look at this SUV. After 4 months (I know a short time) not one trip to the dealer (I checked back on my L.R.'s and only one was able to makle that claim) With rebates and discounts a $30K SUV was had for under $24K less than have of my last Sport. OK reality check .... hard plastic interior, I only have leather seats (really nice feel) and steering wheel. For about $2100 I found a local trim shop that will cover most of the hard plastic with a matching vinyl, adding leather where ever my arms rest and do a complete sound deadening of the suv. I know it's not a Rover but this is the bottom line. For about $27,000 I have a very plush and quite 4X4 with every option known to man including this really cool u connect system that even wi-fi's my car. One feature that really caught me was the passenger seat folds flat with an indented area to make a desk for a lap top, phone and pad. I make my money on the phone and this little feature has totally changed my organization while on the road. On a bad note if you have to hit the breaks your laptop will be on the floor. I do need to work on that a bit. LOL. My last Rover I made a $25,000 down payment to keep the payments affordable, a mere $1000 less than I will have invested in this auto. You do the math. The only thing I agree with our current president is "change" . This is how change should be ... good!

2010 Dodge Nitro

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