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4.0 out of 5

Review of 2009 Toyota Avalon

2010-12-31 13:49:15

I have never wanted a front wheel drive, but this car changed my mind. I drive it slow so that I can extende my trip when I have time because I enjoy it just that much. It drives like a dream, it is quie to a fault (almost). I love it's styleishness and the dealer has been great in Tucson AZ, even though it is a front wheel-er I love it like no other car I have owned (all american before this one)

2009 Toyota Avalon

Missing things that were on the 2000XLS

2009-09-05 13:47:43

This is a nice car, but the 2000XLS had many more things on it. First thing missing was the 12V plug on the dash for plugging in a GPS or audio device. The 110AC outlet has also disappeared. The passenger seats in the front and rear are harder and smaller then 10 years ago. The compass is an option. The radio does not show who or what is playing. The lumbar switch is there, but it does not work. Road noise is louder then before. Perhaps we should have kept the old on, but the cost for many things that were starting to fail, convinced us to upgrade. The one positive thing is all the air bags that are located within the vehicle. Perhaps after the car is broken in a bit, things will settle down

2009 Toyota Avalon

T & A (Troublesome Automobile)

2009-05-19 15:38:41

I want my money back! This car has been back to the dealer several times and it has been for different reasons. The dealer can't seem to get it right the first time. This is totally uncalled for. To spend that much money and get this kind of frustration is upsetting. Keep your Japanese cars.

2009 Toyota Avalon

Love This Car!!

2009-03-18 08:20:10

I've owned mostly Volvos and more recently, an Audi. I considered the Lexus but, aside from the price and the all wheel drive function, couldn't see the point in spending the extra money. I've never met an unhappy Avalon owner. Mine handles like a dream and is as zippy as my Audi ever was. The interior is comfortable for my tall husband-even in the back seat. OK, I'll admit that Honda makes a more user friendly Navigation System. I'm gradually learning mine, though, and it's getting easier. Love the cruise control and the steering wheel control features.

2009 Toyota Avalon

Review of 2009 Toyota Avalon

2009-02-15 14:00:20

We purchased an 09 Limited Avalon after owning a 2000 XLS Avalon for 9 years. Big big mistake. The newer model is noisier, harder to handle and if I could get my money back I would do so in a heartbeat. In the first 500 miles had it back to the dealer four times -- it pulled so hard very difficult to drive ( after realightment was told tightened down too tight on the truck); once for a horrific rattle (part replaced but guess ************* rattles); and twice for slippage in transmission (nothing to be done transmission sealed and guess what it has slipped another 10 times in less than 3,000 miles). NO way would I ever buy another one. I loved the first Avalon we had which was quieter, handled better, and was paid for -- should have kept it! These were the major problems, but noticed less outlets, no day of the week on calendar, and jusy try cleaning inside back window. Toyota may be living on its reputation as the quality control just wasn't there in my Avalon purchase.

2009 Toyota Avalon

Great driving car - Very bad Navigation system

2009-02-07 16:28:26

This car is the smoothest driving car I have ever driven. I purchased it Jan. 13, 2009 adn couldn't be happier with the way it drives and handles. It gets good gas mileage for a car its size and the manufacturer says to use regular gas. I do and it drives great. However if you need a car with a functional Navigation system stay away from this car. It has the worst navigation system I have ever seen. It takes you way out of your way, does not recognize addresses that have been there for years and the voice commands are even worse. You have to tell the nav. system 5 or 6 times if at all before it recognizes what you are saying.

2009 Toyota Avalon

Review of 2009 Toyota Avalon

2009-01-04 14:56:07

I could not be more pleased. Live in So Calif with loots of traffic. Have taken two trips. One to Yellowstone Park, with average of 28 MPG and speeds of 75 where traffic and road condition permit. Another to Grand Canyon with same results. Very comfortable ride, good accelleration, and turning redius smaller than wifes Nissan Altima. Only complaint would be learning the GPS and that certain operations are prohibited while driving (passenger can not put in destination unless stopped. It has all the bells and whistles and plays a sweet tune.

2009 Toyota Avalon

Love it Love it!

2008-11-03 08:09:40

I had a 2007 Camry( traded in Yukonxl) that I traded in for the 2009 Avalon about a month ago. This car is super quiet, handles great, and the laser guided cruise control is a tremendous asset for Interstate driving.The sound system will blow you away, too. I also like the upgrade in size from the Camry. This car is a Lexus without the 70k dollar price tag! I have the Limited with the Guidance System in the upgraded white color. My one complaint; no power outlet on the dash.The only one in my car is in the bottom of the covered console. There is no where to plug in my radar detector...Yikes!! I'd buy another Toyota tomorrow if I had to. I come from a family of farmers where if it wasn't a Ford they didn't drive it......until now.

2009 Toyota Avalon

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