2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid Reviews

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4.5 out of 5

Best car I ever owned

2016-05-25 17:35:39

34 MPG stop and go and 38 to 42 MPG on the highway. Smooth ride and haven't spent a dime on it due to free 5000 mi oil and filter changes and tire rotation. Have 56,000 miles on it

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

this car is cheep

2008-12-11 23:09:18

if you look at dash gaps are big. dont buy this car. should of got chevy malbu neighbor did much better

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2008-12-06 11:28:25

My perfect car.excellent gas mileage-avg 40mpg daily commute. Great handeling and luxurious cabin.

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Even Better Than a Prius!!!

2008-08-24 15:08:05

I got a rental prius and this car, the camry, was fantastic i have love it is loaded and ready. I get great mileage whenever I drive, I got about 44 just driving to the new hampshire border!!

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Hybrid 2008

2008-08-21 16:56:15

I routinely get 42 to 43 mpg on my 50 mile one way commute to work in the Wash DC Metro area. If I run the AC, the mpg drops to 41+ On long trips I get over 44 mpg whether I use the cruise control or not. I have less than 15000 miles and have not experienced a break-in period. This is a great car.

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Camry Hybrid 08

2008-06-29 07:56:27

I was very pleased to become an owner of this car. the best gas millage I have gotten is 44.2 on a trip to Phillie Airport andthat was using Cruse Control all the wat.Around town I get around 30.6 to 31.9 depending who i driving the car. I live on cruse control all the time from 26mph on an I know that helps.Anyone who buys on will not see the gas millage Im getting for vthe first 5,000 iles because the car goes through a brake in period and that will be about 5000 miles I now have 54,000 miles on my calland love all the feature.Thomas F MuckenfussFuss61@aol.com

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2008-02-03 05:31:44

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2008-01-24 08:26:18

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid


2007-11-27 02:34:10

have 1200 miles on it and it is a great car. Quiet, app 38 mpg, solid car.

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

10 years ahead of your average car

2007-10-20 12:40:45

I wish people who have doubts about hybrids could drive a camry hybrid for a week . You would be convinced that non-hybrids are ten years behind in the chain of evolution....JOE

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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