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5.0 out of 5

I love my Scion XD

AOL user 2014-10-10 16:56:00

The first time I drove it for a cookout, one of the kids came running up and said "who owns the starship enterprise shuttle"? From that point on I have been showing it in parking lots, etc. I have been diligent about keeping up with maintenance, but walked out one day, and 2 tree limbs had fallen on the roof the night before during a storm. It was fixed in no time, my insurance covered all as an act of God, and you cannot even tell it was damaged! I have driven it all over the country, have laid the back seats down and put a blow up mattress there and slept in it. I love it.

2008 Scion xD

great car tons of fun

harleygrip 2010-04-12 22:26:55

Traded my Nissan Murano-never looked back. Plenty of room, cheap gas,fun to drive, plenty of attention, rare car! I bought the limited edition release series in a Hot Lava color. It has a lowered profile and unique body trim that really looks sharp. A big hit at the pumps with me as I average 35mpg overall. Have got as good as 42 mpg! This is a ball to drive and the Scion community is great. We own two!

2008 Scion XD

Scion XD

AOL user 2009-11-03 07:22:54

This car is so much fun and the gas mileage, it is unreal. It drives and handles the curves very well and has a good ride, parking is a dream also. My other car is a Mercedes SL 500 which is great, but I will get in my little Scion first every time. We belong to a Scion car club and compete in competion's which we have taken first place in. We have never had this car in the shop for any problems. The only thing negative I had about the car is the noise level. So we fixed that by adding Dynamat through out the car. You want go wrong with this purchase and check out the new 2010. I think I will have to get another one.

2008 Scion xD


partspeddler01 2009-06-16 11:49:32

I now have over 24,000 miles on my Scion XD in just under a year. This car is great! All of the accessories you could ever ask for, handles great, great mileage and very comfortable. I can drive this care for 14 straight hours and still feel great. It has not been back to the dealer for anything since I change my own oil. I also own a new Dodge Charger R/T that is fully loaded, but still choose to take the Scion on my business trips. A lot easier to drive, handle, park, etc. This little giant does even feel the big rigs on the super slab. Yes, I am passing them with the Scion power. I am a travel salesmen, therefore I think I know when I have a great ride on my hands. Can't wait to buy another one.

2008 Scion xD

From a former 3 time Corolla owner

2008-07-03 05:16:33

I bought my Scion xD in May, 2008. I absolutely love it. After previously owning 3 different Corollas over the period of 23 years, I decided to investigate the Scion. The xD version has a Corolla engine in it, so no difference there. The sweet thing is that the Scion comes with all kinds of options that are actually standard on this car, like cruise control, electric windows and locks, remote keyless entry, access to stereo controls on steering wheel, auxiliary port to attach IPOD to stereo system, and rear windshield wiper. Also, the 5000 mile service change and 10,000 mile service change is free. The only thing that is slightly lacking is the steering control ability is a little looser than on the Corollas of my past. Also, I got the security system , which works well, but that little red light that would normally deter thieves is on the middle console between the 2 seats and cannot be seen well unless you are actually searching for it..so not really a deterrant. But , probably best of all is that for a significant less dollar amount I got a great car, on par with a Corolla and it gets 32-35 miles per gallon on the highway and 28-30 miles per gallon in the city. I especially like the fact that I have a car you don't see on the road too often....makes me feel like I am special and I know something very few other people know...LOL !!

2008 Scion XD

Great Car for the money

2007-10-16 01:23:59

We trust Toyota products so we know that this car will be reliable. We like that it has alot of head room, (husband is 6'3" and still has room to spare) The back seats are fully adjustable and easy to use. The XD has everything you need in a car and the gas milage is great. We have owned the TC too and liked it as well, just needed 4 doors instead of 2 so we sold our TC to our son. Can't go wrong with this easy to handle and fun to drive, unique, little mover.

2008 Scion xD

Don in Florida

2007-09-25 11:11:13

Was looking for a car that was very safe to drive, gets good gas mileage and was a little different. I got all three in the XD. The XD is a fun little car to drive. Being small, I was very impressed with the way it handles on the Highway. The engine is peppy enough to handle on and off ramps with ease. Being surrounded with airbags is a good feeling also. I have been averaging 35 mpg since I have had the car. Fantastic.

2008 Scion xD

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