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3.0 out of 5

Second Quest since body change

2008-08-14 19:56:17

In my days as an outside sales representative, I drove more than 2,000,000 miles. My first Quest reached 130,000 and I traded for the current '08 model. The new Quest has greater pickup, better steering and has a more quiet interior. It even has a higher road clearence, the '04 was too low, causeing me to drag dead animals. I have Not had a recall on the '08 Quest and had only one on the '04. Would I buy another Quest? You bet! Nissan has NEVER failed me. When I purchased my '04 Quest, I traded in a 1992 Sentra with 438,000 on it.

2008 Nissan Quest

All Nissans are the worst cars ever made

2007-09-30 10:33:59

Stay away from ANYTHING Nissan! They use inferior equipment to build with, the cars start rattling in no time, they are constantly under recall, and Nissan will do everything in their power NOT to fix your car while it is still under warranty. My Quest has only 16000 miles on it and the paint is falling off the sides of the car. I took it back to Nissan and they said it's MY fault that the paint is falling off because I had body work done to the car. THE CAR HAD NEVER BEEN HIT. I took it to a body shop to see if it were hit BEFORE I bought it. They said that it wasn't and that it was an inferior paint job coming out of Japan. Nissan still refuses to fix the paint even though the paint on all their cars is notorious for falling off in sheets. Had I known this ahead of time, I would have gone Toyota. Trust me on this, DO NOT BUY A NISSAN!! They really are inferior. Now I am stuck with this thing and I can't get rid of it and still have 20,000 to pay on it. $20,000 to pay and my car is rusting away. This will be the last Nissan I ever own. Don't make the same mistake I did.

2008 Nissan Quest

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