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2008 Mercury Mariner

Review of 2008 Mercury Mariner

AConti 111 2009-03-03 22:49:47

I love my Mercury Mariner Premier V6. It just fits me right. A small SUV, and so am I....

2008 Mercury Mariner

Mercury Mariner Voga Edition

2008-04-28 09:22:52

I shopped around and I am Proud of my new vehicle. It looks classy front to rear...

2008 Mercury Mariner

I LOVE my new Mercury!!!!!

2008-01-02 03:33:57

2008 Mercury Mariner

Great SUV

2007-09-07 09:44:17

This is my first SUV and I have to say that it rides really smooth. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I was going to get the Ford Escape but the Salesman at the dealership said that the Mariner was $1,000 cheaper then the Escape and that as far as appearance it was a little nicer. It had the same equipment as the Escape so why not pay a little less. I am very happy with my purchase.

2008 Mercury Mariner

Review of 2008 Mercury Mariner

2007-09-03 08:48:19

2008 Mercury Mariner

Ford to Mercury

2007-08-14 12:46:00

I just traded in my 2005 Escape for a Mariner. It is a beauty! I loved my Escape but when I went to price them I realized I was getting more for my money with the Mariner. It is definitely stylish and has all the handy little features that you'd expect in a Mercury. The ride is lot smoother then the Escape and the interior design is more user-friendly. I will definitely be getting another one when my lease is up :)

2008 Mercury Mariner

MY New Mercury Mariner

2007-08-10 05:32:32

I love this SUV and it offers all that I wanted. The navigation is simple to use, driving is very comfortable as well as riding. Very quiet and feels like I am floating on a cloud. Good pick up when passing and the ICE BLUE Metallic is beautiful. I highly recommend this SUV to anyone and it has plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

2008 Mercury Mariner

Best Little SUV On The Market !!!!!!

2007-08-04 09:49:04

Recently i purchased a 2008 Mercury Mariner and i have to say i could not be happier with it this is my second Mariner the first one was a 2005 and i loved it so much i just had to have the redesigned model. First of all the ride is 100 percent improve over the old model it is quiet and smooth and it handles much better and the navigation system is very easy to use and gives precise directions and the Sirius radio is great and you can put just about anything in that DEEP center console. And i am 6'3 FT and i have plenty of head and legroom but the rear legroom can be tight and the quality of the interior is improved over the old model as well. I really recommend the Mercury Mariner to all.

2008 Mercury Mariner

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