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3.5 out of 5

More than thrilled!!!!

2008-08-23 09:52:16

I am a car nut,my wife is not...bought the Clubman for her to replace a Volvo SUV. Not to worry, she loves it!!! Great mileage, fun, fun, fun to drive, and I have to ask her to use it, as she is very possessive. Perhaps the best car decision I've ever made. And the depreciation over time is minimal. JUST DO IT!

2008 MINI Cooper Clubman

2008 Cooper S Clubman

2008-08-14 23:42:54

Took position of an ordered Mini Cooper S Clubman (waited 84 days) this past June 29. It is everything I wanted and more. I just love the way it handles, fuel economy,and the way I feel when driving it. I do not like the run flat tires and will changing them out at the soonest opportunity. I had the windows and dual sunroofs tinted and am amazed how much cooler the inside is on a hot summer day. I love checking out other people's reactions when seeing a Clubman for the first time! I am very happy with the car and will continue to baby it with Zaino Show car polish. Love my Mini!! don p.

2008 MINI Cooper Clubman

MINI Clubman S, sport suspension, almost all the goodies

2008-08-04 05:13:39

Really wanted to like this car, but the list of likes is short: good gas mileage (31MPG mixed)& parks anywhere. That's it. While handling is generally nice, there's tremendous torque steer and the car (with run flats) has a lot of road noise and is exceedingly bouncy. The shifter throw seems excessive to me. Build quality seems seriously deficient, on my car: THE driver's side window is inoperable, the low pressure tire warning has come on and stayed on, the car arrived with the rear barn doors misaligned, the side scuttle emblems are loose and have fallen off, the finish of the wheels is pitted, the driver's side inside door pull is loose, the clutch is rough and grabs. All very disconcerting in an expensive little car that has less than 900 miles on the odometer!

2008 MINI Cooper Clubman

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