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4.5 out of 5

Ultimate sports sedan

2009-04-25 04:22:14

The word sports sedan and this car has ALL of it. Lives to take twisties, and you can hit the gas out of any turn to pull you though, the ole fashion way with this rear driver. I swear if I didn't know I'de think there is a 4.2-4.7 L V-8 in there. Has adequate low range power, and hard to strong mid to upper range of the band power. One quick thing on the tranny, its very adaptable to your driving. And how your driving that ****************** in hard more positive shifts under harder acceleration, then will be a ******** around town to go to the market hit up that yoga class. Just know after yoja if your feeling good, you can be happy knowing your car can be a rocket when needed! 0-60 5.3 sec 1/4 Mile 13.8 Those were extic car unbers in the 80's and even 90's. This is a 5 passanger technically advance vehicle. Good time to be alive. All the parts work well, floormats should have been remesured one last time prior to final productson, they slip and move around a little, even when the buttons are put in. Other then that the car is a blast. I did purchace the Fujita air intake kit of it. Best investment by for for the vehicle. Makes the engine have a slight but menacing growl under hard acceleration, and it definitely pulls harder in the upper rev range. There is more of a rubberband, snap fell now just before it shifts, as if 15 more HP has been added. Way to go Fujita! And Nissan of course for really steppin up to the place on the G and making a much better all around vehicle after just tweaking it here and there for the last few years.

2008 Infiniti G35

Review of 2008 Infiniti G35

2008-11-25 21:28:53

Very nice, sporty car,however, blue tooth works very bad, and rear window cann't be completely defogged. I had Lexux and Mercedes before. No car is better than the Lexus, but G-35x has enough power to beat the same class Mercedes.

2008 Infiniti G35

Great ride

2008-10-30 03:47:46

The car has a great luxury styling with a sports car feel. Headroom could be improved especially the rear seats and from a designers point of view the exterior crome piece on the trunk looks "hokey" and does absolutely nothing for the look......great accerlation and handling. Turning is tight and the whole car feels great in tight curves at moderate to high speeds. If as wide as the Acura TL it would be the perfect car in my opinion. Road noise or lack there of is the best Ive experienced other than one other much more expensive and larger luxury car. Could use a different gear ratio for highway driving to improve gas mileage and decrease RPMs on highway but all in all a very well built car.

2008 Infiniti G35

Review of 2008 Infiniti G35

2008-10-30 00:18:44

maybe jus a bad luck but my battery went dead two times, steering wheel makes rubbing sound, which dealers says is normal, FM preset channels cannnot be controled from the steering wheel switch although AM is fine. Just host of irritating problems. Had better luck with my Acura TL.

2008 Infiniti G35

Really Pleased

2008-10-29 22:52:08

12,000 miles and no problems. A great car for the money and handles turns like its on rails.

2008 Infiniti G35

G35 Coupe

2008-10-06 13:37:10

I've had BMW, Mercedes and Volvo. My G35 Coupe tops them all!

2008 Infiniti G35

What's not to love?

2008-05-30 08:56:10

No other brand out there can compete at this price point and include all the options the G35 has to offer... period.

2008 Infiniti G35

Just a fun a car to drive.

2008-01-10 12:58:19

2008 Infiniti G35

2008 G35X

2007-12-23 12:40:42

A very well put together vehicle. Exterior and interior finishes superb. Handles great on both highway and secondary roads.

2008 Infiniti G35

Review of 2008 Infiniti G35

2007-12-15 10:34:19

G35x AWD

2008 Infiniti G35

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