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5.0 out of 5


Chris 2021-01-13 23:29:34

Could be better.

2008 Honda Element

Great name, great place

Stinky 2020-02-08 15:15:33

Rad wheels yo

2008 Honda Element

Incredible vehicle that fills many needs!

AOL user 2008-11-19 20:31:17

I have owned my 2008 Honda Element EX AWD for 12 months and have 13,000 miles on it. During that time and have not had one problem with it. I'm 6'3", 290 lbs. and am very comfortable. The AWD is excellent for light off-road travel. Great stereo! It's the most vehicle for the least money. I'm a retired police officer and still very active with fishing, traveling, etc. I love my Honda!

2008 Honda Element

Love my 2007 SC. Great distance traveler and acts like a mini truck

AOL user 2008-10-12 06:46:28

I have 38000 miles on the SC and plan on many more. Would like to see the SC with an optional larger engine as I tow a small trailer.AWD on the SC would be great for the north.Best little all around car especially for the money.

2008 Honda Element

2008 Honda Element SC

AOL user 2008-07-19 12:13:40

Here's the real deal on the SC. Good: The replacement for the 1967 Chevy Van. Engine power. Handling. Access (In open space). Controls. Amazing amount of interior space (Seats 4 comfortably). Lots of storage space up front. Utility (Rear seats can be removed, 50/50 split, turned upright, layed flat to create a bead of sorts, to create a wide path for hauling). Stereo is very good. Seating position (For most people). Turning radius. Safety. Lots of accessories available (Check on line first before you go to your local dealer). Solid build quality It's a Honda made in USA. Bad: Visibility in certain situations (Parallel parking)and you gotta look at least twice before changing lanes there is a blind spot at rear pillar. Suspension is very tight (You'll feel the bumps. Can be punishing on very bumpy roads). Road noise is pronounced especially at highway speed. Gas mileage about 17-22 mpg (give or take). Tough to open and access side rear doors if in a parking spot close to other vehicles. Advice: Have the driver/passenger side windows lightly tinted it'll help keep you and the vehicle much cooler. Get a leather steering wheel cover, much better grip. If you carry stuff in the rear it will move around when you hit bumps. Find a way to secure it. The Skinny: I'm sure I missed some things. You like the looks or not. If you do, you'll get used to the quirks. To me, it is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. For it's application look no further.

2008 Honda Element

The Perfect Car For Me

HotMChick82 2008-07-16 17:48:57

I get 23-30 mpg, depending on where I drive, which is way better than I expected. I drive the kids to school in it, I've camped in it, I haul stuff in it. I'm a very eclectic person with many hobbies- art, photography, fishing, hiking, camping, travel, etc. The Element is great for all my hobbies- it has enough room to haul any equipment I need, it's SUV-ish enough to go offroad without getting stuck, it gets great gas mileage. I LOVE IT!!!! Oh, by the way, this is car I learned to drive in (I know, I'm 20-something and just got my license). I find it really easy to drive, and it has a tight turn radius so it's super easy to park at grocery stores etc., and despite it's size,it's very easy to see everything around the car. And despite being from a foreign auto-maker, My element was actually assembled in Ohio in West Liberty- a factory that has in the past hired my husbands Union sheetmetal company to do a lot of work. I looked at a Chevy at one point, and it was assembled in Mexico- how's that for 'The heartbeat of America'?

2008 Honda Element

Pretty Good

AOL user 2008-07-14 08:35:05

I have an SC edition. It runs great. We haven't had to use the waranty once as no repairs have been necessary. The sterio in the SC is pumpin and it handles great. The only negative is that the ride can be pretty bumpy. Don't know if the suspension on the other models is the same, ******** pretty stiff on the SC. If you're in the back seat you will feel every little dent in the road.

2008 Honda Element

Still the Best!

2007-10-08 12:22:00

I absolutely enjoy and appreciate my wonderful vehicle! It's the best. I would recommend this truck for ANYONE. It's also terrific on gas. Hondas are awesome!

2008 Honda Element

Great Teen Car

2007-10-08 12:04:00

Handles great! Not to fast, but peppy enough. This is our 2ND Element! Would definately recommend it.

2008 Honda Element

Review of 2008 Honda Element

2007-08-12 07:25:10

2008 Honda Element

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