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5.0 out of 5

I absolutely LOVE my '08 Ford F-150 Supercrew

tztw0s9zusr 2009-01-18 13:33:46

absolutely LOVE my '08 F-150 Supercrew. Fun to drive, great visibility, tons of power, extremely comfortable on long trips, excellent sound system. I feel spoiled every time I get in it. Ford has been great to me, the service is the best of ANY manufacturer I have dealt with, I will never go back to Japanese as a result. The truck has had no problems whatsoever. This is my second Ford truck, the first was the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and this one is proving to be the same. I would strongly recommend buying a Ford truck to anyone, even those that normally wouldn't consider owning a truck of any kind. The feeling of safety alone is a strong selling point, statistically 6 timers safer in a truck than a car and Ford's safety ratings are first class across the board.

2008 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Love my new truck

Jethog1 2008-12-08 18:04:09

I traded my 2007 Escalade in on this truck. What a truck. It is more comfortable and drives than than my Escalade. The interior does not have all the rattles of the Escalade and unlike the Escalade everything works as advertised. It also is very well equiped. The 2009 have the sinc system which will make them just as well equiped as the Escalades. It you are thinking about buying a Escalade do yourself a favor and test drive a new F-150. I could not believe a truck could be this nice. I have put 3,000 miles on this truck and still cannot believe how nice it is. I planned on buying a car also but the truck is so nice I am going to drive it everyday. I promise I do not work for Ford I just like my truck. Before my Escalade I had an 2004 Porcshe that was nice like the F-150 just $50,000.00 more

2008 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Best truck I have owned

2007-12-09 01:03:57

Generally great truck.

2008 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Is that your Mom's truck ? my kids love this truck, so do I !!!!!

2007-10-10 06:50:00

Wow, I have been driving a Freestar Minivan for years and now that Ford decided not to make them anymore I had to choose a different vehicle. My choice.....a Ford F-150 supercrew. What a truck! How did I live without it? She is cherry red with chrome trim and I a dream to drive. It rides like a car but is up high and has lots of room. I love this truck. I chose a couple options like a sliding rear window, power driver seat and chrome trim. When I drive my teenagers around their friends say "Is that your Mom's truck" reply, "Yeah my Dad has an F-350, she has the small truck". hahaha This truck is awesome! I would recomend this truck to any Mom. It is high off the ground, easy to load with groceries or car seats. It has great vision, the kids love to see everything. And she is a real treat to drive, everyone stops to look at her going by. I am proud to drive this awesome truck and you will to ! ps. her name is Scarlet

Pss. we live in the Northeast, I can't wait for snow! Scarlet has 4 wheel drive, no more getting stuck in our long, 300ft. driveway! yeahh

2008 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

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