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My test review

2014-06-17 16:49:41

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2008 Ford Explorer

Review of 2008 Ford Explorer

2014-06-17 16:25:59

2008 Ford Explorer

Good car

2014-05-29 17:12:01

2008 Ford Explorer

The Only SUV For Me (They keep getting better and better)

2009-08-15 19:13:55

First one was a 1994 XLT 4wheel drive. Bought it used in 96 with 30K on it. Drove well with only minor problems at the end. Second one was a 2000 XLS 4wheel drive. Drove even better. Sold it to my father in May 09 with only 65k miles on it and bought my third Explorer, a 2008 xlt. The Best so far. More roomy, smoother ride, best looking. I will never buy any other model SUV. 17-18mpg city, 23+ highway.

2008 Ford Explorer

My Expolrer, what a surprise!!!

2009-04-13 15:20:10

As I drove my explorer home from the dealership, at first I was a little unsure, especially after driving a Toyota Camry for five years.But it didn't take long before I was comfortable driving it. It was surprisingly smooth but also tracked well on the road and the handling was wonderful. When I got onto the freeway I expected it to be a little slugish due to the six cylinder, but to my surprise it had more that enough power. I also noticed I had no back ache as before and I havent had one since, in fact when my back is bothering me and I get in and sit down and start to drive it feels better. I truly enjoy driving my explorer.

2008 Ford Explorer

Tow Package is fine, our legal system is the problem

2008-12-13 13:40:43

You are technically correct, U-haul will not rent to a Explorer owner but it is solely a decision by their legal department to limit their legal exposure since we live in a litigation happy country. I don't think a purchase decision should be based on what you plan to rent. The vast majority of Explorer owners own their own trailers, boats etc, and for that they do fine. In fact Ford overall is a leader, if not the leader in towing capability. Mine town great!!!

2008 Ford Explorer

My 4th Ford Explorer

2008-12-13 11:30:01

I recently purchased a 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. I wanted a 2009 model, but they weren't out yet and my lease was up on my 2006. I have had a 2000, 2003, 2006, now a 2008. I keep coming back because the ride is *********** roomy, and yet I have some luxuries and safety features. I've never had a problem with any of my vehicles. I did get a great deal on this one with all the rebates and discounts. Many people have been called "bad people" for driving an SUV, but my thought is: This is what I want to drive. I don't want a car. If you don't like it, don't ask to borrow it to haul something, and don't ask me to go get it for you. For travel, it's the greatest.

2008 Ford Explorer

Great American Product

2008-12-13 10:27:34

This is the second Explorer we have owned and the best. We have hit 23mpg on the road with a fairly large load and around town we get 17-18 mpg on the V6. The only thing we have had done to it is a front end alignment due to the bad roads here in California. We also bought a Ford Escape,it was ok, but found it was to small for our mode of travel,it was ok, but a little under powered with the 4 cyl. Ford has a great product here and the quality is really great. BUY AMERICAN, GET SMART............

2008 Ford Explorer

Ford makes the best trucks and SUV's

2008-12-13 10:02:37

The Ford Explorer comes from the lineage of the Ford Bronco, the original SUV. Ford built Jeeps in WWII for the Armed Forces. The F150 is the best selling light truck of all time. With heritage like that, why would one even consider buying anything other than a Ford SUV? We own a 2002 Explorer. It has been the best vehicle we have ever owned. My wife feels safe in it, it is reliable, and people continually comment on it's elegant, rugged looks. We spend more on a BMW, or Japanese brand? Save your money and get an explorer.

2008 Ford Explorer

Tow package worthless

2007-12-11 01:32:24

Don't buy an explorer if you intend to Rent a Uhaul trailer. UHAUL WILL NOT RENT TO ANY EXPLORER REGARDLESS OF YEAR. Check it out on Uhaul web site

2008 Ford Explorer

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