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3.5 out of 5

2008 Chevy Cobalt

2012-12-07 15:45:20

Here's what they dont tell you: Cobalts are known for electrical problems and not just in one area but the whole car. You name it and it has a possibility of happening to your cobalt: electric locks, radio, headlights, speakers, etc. They also dont tell you about the $2000+ TRANSMISSION that most Cobalts need after only owning it 3 to 5 years. Guess what, your warranty has probably already expired by then and you'll have to pay out of pocket. If that didn't scare you away, the car looks and runs great (before everything falls *********** been reliable for 5 years until my transmission went out for no apparent reason. I bought it brand new and had no issues until recently after i had paid it off completely. My cobalt is currently having accelerating problems or issues with the transmission slipping. A lot of the shops won't "touch the new cars that don't have transmission dipsticks". The 08 doesnt have a dipstick and is something to check on any car you are buying because the costs of repairs and services goes up! Do complete research before buying any car. I thought I had researched enough knowing ******** safe and has great mileage but reading forums has helped me through a lot of my cobalt issues now.

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

horrible mileage

2011-07-26 11:50:03

I took mileage readings at a full tank and at a half tank. Assuming a 17 gallon tank, this car is averaging 14 mpg with normal driving. I am making every attempt to sell this car.

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

Steering Failures

2010-02-06 12:11:30

Here is something that you might find interesting..... Why is it that Toyota, after having only two dozen complaints across 8 different vehicles types (2.4 Million total vehicles - that is a failure rate of .001% - 1 in 100,000) about sticking accelerator pedals is being forced to recall 2.4 million vehicles (one was fatal but based on the time line it was partial driver error for not putting the car in Neutral and continuing to try to drive while the car accelerated) - BUT - The NHTSA has lodged 1,200 complaints of STEERING FAILURE in just 900,000 of General Motors (Government Motors) Chevy Cobalt's (.13%) - the Cobalt uses the same steering assembly as EVERY other Delta 1 vehicle GM made (Saturn Ion, Opel Astor, Pontiac G5) and the same steering contols as most of the other Saturn Models made the last 5 years...and possibly MANY other GM models but not disclosed). These other vehicles are NOT included in the total figures above since sales/complaint figures are unavailable. The steering failure makes it impossible to steer the vehicles at slow speeds and has resulted in 11 accidents - a higher percentage than the Toyota accident history. This has just hit the governments radar 2 days ago after 1,200 complaints on just the Cobalt (we do not know the other vehicles numbers) - my research indicates that the problem has been known for close to 5 years by Saturn. It should be VERY interesting to see if a recall occurs for the Cobalt and what if anything that they do with the entire Saturn, Pontiac and Opel products now that they are no longer GM divisions....

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

Review of 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

2009-09-19 22:24:22

Love my little car. Feels like driving a Caddy all the great options of the Caddy and great mileage 38-40 highway 28-30 city. Great spunk for a 2.2 liter.

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

doest get as advertised

2009-07-25 12:27:56

08 cobalt and it has 5 speed 4 cyl.and is suppost to get 37 mpg.Dont believe it people it is lucky to get 32.fit and finish is not very good.Gm is apperently not truthful about there autos.Now im told it can get the milage under the right conditions.Yea like what the motor off and being towed? Stay away from this one or you will be sorry.

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt


2009-04-24 10:58:58

For the low price of the car, its a pretty good buy. I've enjoyed driving ******* spunky and gets attention. I have had problems with ******* been in the shop about 5 times now, somewhat ridiculous, something always seems to stop working. The inside of the car is really cheap and a dissappointment, and the cup holders and outlets are in the way of each other. When I got the car I was expecting GREAT gas mileage.. but I have yet to see this GREAT gas mileage. I only get about 27 on the hwy, ive tried going different speeds to see what happens, and 27 is where it seems to max out. Not happy about this mileage when im told 30 plus. Bad blind spots on the car, breaking in my opinion is sucky, wheels tend to lock up when breaking really hard. My radio was broken the day I drove it off the lot, had to have that replaced. For a teen, I would say this would be the car to have, for a working adult, I wouldnt recommend this. At times it can be great, and others its a serious pain!

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

I really enjoy driving this car!

2009-03-21 13:35:02

Iuse it to drive to work, good on the gas. The inside light is not good, i have a sunroof, inside lights are on reveiw mirrow.

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

good car one problem at 10,000 miles

2009-03-13 10:05:50

replaced tensioner assembly + access belt besides that car rides + accelerates great.love the car

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

Not worth the trouble

2009-02-17 14:18:26

I bought my car in Dec 2007. With my family being firm Chevy fans, I knew that this "Should" have been a great vehicle. Being a single mom, I got what I could afford, or so I thought. I had the car 11 days, and in the shop it went. I have had it in the shop a total of 5 times. Service department thinks I am crazy for complaining about the same problems each time. I have had the radio replaced 2x, the shift column replaced once, and the steering column replaced 1x. My radio, for some unknown reason, has recently started adjusting the volume, depending on the speed (if I speed up, it goes up. If down, it turns down.) This has never happened. This car is very noisy. It has horrible blind spots. The cup holders are very small. In pricing parts for replacement on this car, it is rather expensive. Tires do not last nearly long enough. Paint is of rather poor quality. Also, I was rearended on my way in to work one morning. The vehicle that hit me was doing approximately 15mph,while I was sitting completely still. Not only did this "little ding" cost the guy $1700.00 for a new bumper, I also sustained a severe shoulder injury. This car did not protect me. I'm thankful I had no other passangers with me that day. I highly recommend NOT considering this vehicle. The fuel mileage is not that great. I have tried trading this car in, but it holds no resale value what-so-ever. Sad to say that before summer arrives, I will have to have the vehicle repainted. There is no leg room in the back seat. If you have kids, spend the extra few dollars and get something else. Don't waste the time, money, effort, or aggravation on the Cobalt. It is simply not worth it. I wish I had read the reviews before I made the biggest mistake of my life. Very upseting.....

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

Like riding on a buckboard

2008-09-28 10:49:11

I recently received a cobalt as a rental for a 5 day trip. I put about 600 miles in both city and country driving. I found the cobalt to be a relic of the past in small cars. The cobalts interior was noisy and a rough riding suspension made me glad I had arrived every time at my destination. It was bottom basic transportation. The milage was nothing to brag about at below 30 mpg average. The cup holders were small and in the way of the shifter and accessory plug in. It had a cheap plastic feel throughout. A year ago I had a Ford Focus rental and it was much more refined and quiet and comfortable.

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

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