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4.5 out of 5


2008-07-19 11:27:46

Toyotas are generally reliable but this one is a lemon. It was in the shop 10 times in the first year. It still has squeaks and creaks and pops. The Toyota representative says that it isn't new and it will make some noise. It only has 23,000 miles on it. I don't feel it should sound like this! I am unsatisfied with how Toyota left us. Basically deal with it or pay $7000 more for a new vehicle.

2007 Toyota Sienna

Mixed bag

2007-10-17 09:53:42

Sluggish off the line even with bigger engine

Very comfortable ride, interior is very well

appointed and attractive. Very little road

feel and easy to oversteer. Somewhat confusing

NAV. No service necessary to date (sched maint

only). Expected a more rewarding experience from

a Toyota.

2007 Toyota Sienna

2007 Toyota Sienna

2007-10-11 07:22:00

I recently had a 3 level Spine Fusion Operation in March 2007 and I needed a vehicle that I could get in and out of comfortably. This Van has far surpassed my idea of what a Van was. It rides better than a lot of luxury cars and is very comfortable. It handles very well and has a lot of power under the hood when you need it. I would highly recommend this car to anyone. I give this car 5 STARS all around!!!!!

2007 Toyota Sienna

You asked for it you got it

2007-09-24 03:56:00

We bought our Toyota Sienna XLE in March and absolutely love it. It's like riding in your living room. The seats are spacious the cabin is roomy and the storage space is "HUGE". The engine is powerful and I could go on and on.


2007 Toyota Sienna

Review of 2007 Toyota Sienna

2007-09-01 01:24:55

Most powerful engine in its class. This van flies (for a van).

Nicely finished. Odyssey was a strong contender, but finish wasn't as nice and didn't appear to be as well thought out. Plus Odyssey has a history (according to Consumer's Reports) of being less than stellar in terms of reliability. Even the salesman, when put on the spot, admitted to knowing about transmission problems with the Odysseys.

Sienna doesn't have the "cool" factor of the Odyssey...but how material should that really be to the buying decision?

No warranty issues. Fit and finish is impeccable.

Two negatives:1) In order to get Navigation in the XLE, I had to option the van up to the highest XLE package. This cost me thousands more than the Odyssey with Nav. 2) Satellite radio had to be installed by the dealer (it isn't included in any Sienna package). In addition, it didn't come with the first year free - as in most other vehicles that offer this option.

2007 Toyota Sienna

Review of 2007 Toyota Sienna

2007-08-17 05:13:00

I love this car. Being a mother of two toddlers my main goal when buying a new car is that it is safe. I looked at the Kia Sedona as well as the Toyota Sienna. They both felt good to drive, it feels like driving a luxury car. The Kia is several thousand dollars less than the Toyota, but when it came down to it I trusted the Toyota over the Kia. Toyota has a track record for making reliable vehicles.

I have the Sienna XLE with vehicle stability control. I love the captains chairs in the second row. My children's car seats are really big but they fit perfectly and the kids are hardly able to touch each other, so no squabbles about he's touching me, she's hitting me, etc. We can easily fit 5 adults and two huge car seats as well as a double stroller and lots of groceries in the cargo area.

I recently drove the Chrysler Town & Country and there is no comparison. The Town & Country is like driving my husband's 10 year old pick up. It's noisy, it has no pick up, you can just fit 7 people uncomfortably. When you close the doors you think they're going to fall off, it's like closing the door to a corrugated iron shanty, dumpsterish.

My husband recently asked me what my next car will be. I said, what else is there? The Toyota has all I need in a vehicle. Supposing I had a million dollar vehicle budget, I would still have chosen the Toyota Sienna. It's safe, reliable, feels like luxury to drive and doesn't look bad either.

People who look down their noses at people driving mini-vans are idiots, ignorant idiots. The Sienna is one of the safest vehicles on the road today. My husband says, "Show me a woman driving an SUV and I'll show you a man who doesn't love his wife!" They are unsafe for passengers and for pedestrians. The sooner people are educated about them, the safer we'll all be. My only regret about the Sienna is that it isn't exactly environmentally friendly. I had to forsake eco friendly for safety and space.

2007 Toyota Sienna

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