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Review of 2007 Toyota Highlander

AOL user 2008-11-01 18:18:48

This 4 Runner is AWESOME!!

2007 Toyota Highlander

Review of 2007 Toyota Highlander

2007-08-11 10:09:26

2007 Toyota Highlander


2007-08-11 01:23:11

I am about 3 months into my 2007 Highlander (4 cyl), and I love it: the flexibility of the seat positions, the the visibility, the ride, the comfort, the look, the performance, and the reputation (you can't make a mistake with Toyota). It has room for my 3 dogs and large bird plus a husband and luggage, but it's also a very comfortable passenger vehicle. Even thought it's a 4-cyl., it has plenty of pep and allows me to pass slower cars on the highway without hesitation. I traded in a 2004 Honda CRV which didn't have the cargo space I needed. I am extremely pleased with this SUV, which is perhaps outside of my old 1993 Acura Integra, my all-time favorite auto purchase. Now I have different needs which this vehicle met perfectly. Had I been able to afford it, I'd have bought the hybrid, but maybe I will consider that next time. I recommended this car with enthusiasm.

2007 Toyota Highlander

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