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4.5 out of 5

Saturn Aura 2007

2009-10-17 11:43:53

I have a 2007 Saturn Aura and I didn't get what I paid for. It is very luxurious and has a smooth ride and many nice features. It have been two years noW and I notice that when you push the brake the car shakes sometimes, The radio control malfunctions, and the passenge airbag light keeps coming on. There are many dents in my automobile and looks like it had been painted over. The top of my hood is now displaying a bad circular mark with a scratch that looks like it has been painted over and baked. The mark is smooth but highly visible. Took the car to be serviced in Coconut Creek and waited around 3 1/2 hours. They were suppose to fix the radio, check the passenger airbag problem and why the car shakes. The cars tires were rotated without telling me and the car was not washed and given to me with dirty footprint all on the drivers side floor and door. The service guy never walked me to my car to see if everything was alright.

2007 Saturn Aura

Luxury Complete

2008-09-10 21:39:06

We bought an Aura in 2007 and we have never regreted it. Besides the great lease deal with no money down, this car has been fantastic. It comes with everything but the kitchen sink. From power adjustable pedals to telescope steering, that's right, a steering column that can be adjusted for short arm people. And the get up and go that this car has. I timed myself, 0-60 in less than 5 seconds. We get compliments everywhere we take her, or she takes us. There is not another car on the market that will get all the bells and wistle, including the powerful V6, fuel economy engine, for under $26,000. It's a suped-up, family sedan. Please note, my wife does not let me drive it without checking with her first...

2007 Saturn Aura

European feel!

2007-10-23 10:39:00

This is an outstanding car, a great value for the money. It rides well, it has good acceleration and the mileage is acceptable for a 6-cylinder engine (we have averaged around 23 combined city/highway mileage--compare this to 6 cylinder version of the Accord or the Camry and you'll find that its quite comparable). It also feels and looks like a sports sedan. The exterior is handsome, the interior is comfortable and spacious, and the build quality appears first-rate. We especially love the seats--they are as comfortable as any that we have had in any car--foreign or domestic.

The car is also equipped with a number of standard safety features--standard and side curtain airbags, traction control, and ABS. Best of all it has OnStar, which I have already found, helps your peace of mind.

To date, we have had great luck with domestic cars--our domestic cars have lasted as long as our imported cars (in fact, I traded my Toyota minivan for this car. I was happy to be rid of that good-for nothing van).

The bottom line: We are very happy with this vehicle.

Who says Americans can't build great cars? This is proof that we can. Judge for yourself, take a test drive.

2007 Saturn Aura

Saturn Aura 2007 Best Of Breed

2007-10-10 07:40:59

Quick, confortable, and appealing. The advertisement says that once you get in you won't want to get out. Add to that it's so pleasant to look at you won't want to get in. Sleek in appearance with tons of easy to use features. Like music....WOW...the sound is surrounding! The Aura will give the foreign competition a run for it's money. Buy American!

2007 Saturn Aura

Review of 2007 Saturn Aura

2007-10-08 12:58:04

My '07 Aura has been a disappointment. The front window panels(one of the moldings fell down) cause really bad blind spots. The cruise control doesn't come on smoothly; it lurches up 4-05 mph when it reingages

When people are passing you then, they must think you're suddenly speeding up on them.

I bought it in July. The first week I left the parking lights on and the battery was completely discharged. Imagine my chagrin when I tried to open the trunk (where I carry a jumper battery)only to learn there is no key entry! My bad back precluded my scrambling over the back seat to enter the trunk. so I had to call a service to start the car.

Also, there is an irritating vibration, presumably from an unbalanced tire. But you'd think they would've road-tested it. This is my second Saturn, and I was pleased with that '01. I then went to a Toyota, which I found far superior-especially in their service- to the Saturn.

2007 Saturn Aura

Saturn Aura XR 2007

2007-09-28 04:22:05

A month of driving and 1600 miles on the interstate and City driving has convinced me that this was a great purchase. Mileage for the mixed use is 26 mpg, and the driving experience is a good a most european vehicles. GM/Saturn has come a long way for a great price!

2007 Saturn Aura

I love my Aura XR

2007-09-11 08:47:53

I have a 2007 Aura XR and it's the best car I've ever had. It's fuel efficient and roomy and handles very well in all kinds of weather. My Aura is loaded and there's nothing about it that I don't like. I've never had a Saturn before but the Saturn reputation

of being an affordable and well built sold the car itself. I'm sure my next vehicle will be a Saturn.

2007 Saturn Aura

Saturn Wow!!

2007-09-06 04:02:15

I am a loyal Toyota owner who decided to look at other options just for fun. I looked at Nissan, honda and by chance Saturn. I was so impressed by Saturn Aura that I actually bought one even against all my family members opinions.

( they only buy Toyotas) Aftyer having mine 6 months I have transformed my brother into a Saturn owner as well. I love my Saturn and especially the buying experience!

2007 Saturn Aura

Aura XR

2007-08-29 09:59:00

With no problems to date, this is one of the best mid-size cars I have driven. It replaces a 2005 BMW which was also fun to drive, but a bit cramped. The overall quality is very good, and the handling and performance are outstanding. This car should be driven by anyone contemplating a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. You will not only be impressed but may drive the Aura home.

2007 Saturn Aura

Review of 2007 Saturn Aura

2007-08-27 10:16:34

2007 Saturn Aura

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