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5.0 out of 5

Gernerally a Good Car

Dnoble3536896 2008-09-20 12:16:55

Purchased it new and love the styling, cvt transmission, room in the interior and its a quiet car. Only problem is I have been to the dealler three times to fix the sensor that makes the ckeck engine light come on and then the car had rear end problems where the rear end was out of alignment and it took Nissan technology 9 months to realize they had a problem and fix it. I don't want to have to spend any more time at the dealer.

2007 Nissan Sentra

Let's get ready to roll

2007-10-30 09:53:12

This vehicle has it going on. It looks good and has the power you need when you need it. Plenty of space for long legged people. Good gas mileage and when it is time to fill up it doesn't bite your pocket to hard. Nissan you have done it!!!

2007 Nissan Sentra

Best Sentra YET!

2007-10-14 10:22:00

I love this car. At first, I was a little iffy about the looks, but once I test drove it, I was sold. I traded my '06 SE-R in for the '07 2.0S w/CVT in Oct. 2006. This is my 3rd Sentra since 2001 and it is a true winner, miles ahead of previous ones. The upgrades Nissan made to this model are hands-down, the best. A Sentra SL is a more loaded vehicle than an Altima 2.5. Ever thougt that day would come? Besides the fun stuff like Bluetooth, keyless ignition (I've never used my key!)and a butter smooth ride, the gas mileage is phenomenal. This is coming from a leadfoot driver and I'm still not complaining at the pump, filling up every 8 days or so.

2007 Nissan Sentra

Beautiful vehicle

2007-09-16 01:06:00

Technology and gas milage are huge pluses on this vehicle, while it doesn't lose any of its sporty looks. Plenty of leg room and trunk space. An excellent vehicle.

2007 Nissan Sentra

Former Toyota lover

2007-09-14 05:14:08

I was committed to Toyota, until I test

drove the Sentra.

I'm am so happy I purchased this car.

I cannot say enough positive things

about this car.

It's the best car I have owned.

It's a pleasure to drive it.

2007 Nissan Sentra


2007-09-08 10:42:31

Love it... it has everything in the car i need and want including gas mileage. bought it at mcdavid nissan in houston on i-45. good deal.

2007 Nissan Sentra

I love my Sentra!

2007-09-08 09:58:24

I've owned a Toyota Camry and then a Nissan Altima, but now I have a new Sentra and I love my car again. I haven't felt this good about a vehicle in 20 years! And do I love it even more when I get gas and it doesn't cost me a small fortune. I love how it drives and how I feel driving it...Highly Recommend the Sentra....and no...I don't work for anybody or anything having to do with the auto.

2007 Nissan Sentra

Well Recommended

2007-08-21 09:13:35

Great car. CVT is wonderful. Great car for downtown freeway driving. Very dependable and comfortable. I recommend the leather seats.

2007 Nissan Sentra

Practical and Fun!

2007-08-18 09:19:57

This car is fun to drive, easy to park, and the best part is.....I only need to fill-up once a week, or less! Even in the desert heat, the air conditioning is great and doesn't drain power from the engine. HUGE trunk!

2007 Nissan Sentra

Awesome car, couldn't be happier

2007-08-16 01:11:00

2007 Nissan Sentra

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