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4.0 out of 5

Nissan Frontier

2008-03-30 10:23:09

V6 has V8 performance the 4x4 is grate in snow and handles around town and on the highway with ease. Averaging 19 MPG.

2007 Nissan Frontier

Great Truck

2007-11-30 09:53:00

Test drove Tacoma, didn't like the car like interior. Then drove the Frontier and love it. Had it for about 8 months now and no regrets!!!

2007 Nissan Frontier

Review of 2007 Nissan Frontier

2007-09-24 05:29:07

If you're considering the Frontier, buy it! I considered the Frontier and the Toyota Tacoma. I didn't even test drive the Tacoma because of its price (more than Frontier), reviews (not as good as Frontier), and the fact that it wouldn't fit in my garage because of some storage units. I bought the 2007 Frontier Crew Cab SE w/ Automatic. I wanted side impact airbags which proved nearly impossible to find in Florida, so I worked with a dealer about 20 miles away who ordered one from the factory (after my local dealer said he couldn't do that). It's a great "small" truck. Does everything the reviews said it would do.

2007 Nissan Frontier

2007 Frontier SE

2007-09-11 01:56:30

I purchased this vehicle after looking at and test driving both the Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado. This is the most comfortable of all three vehicles, as well as the most stable ride. The 4.0 liter motor gives you the power you need when you need it with no hesitation. I am also getting good gas milage in the city, better than what I expected. Very impressive vehicle. The price was also very reasonable.

2007 Nissan Frontier

My review for my new 07 Nismo Crew Cab 4x4

2007-09-10 09:30:01

The trade in: I traded in my 2001 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab, 4x4 SuperCharged truck on my 2007 Nismo Crew Cab 4x4.

My 01 was a great truck, used it for work, no problems up to 163K miles, but worried about the SuperCharger, and finally decided to trade it in. The 2.9% financing was one of the reasons.

The truck, 07 Nismo Crew Cab 4x4, with Fozgate, Traction, Sunroof, IPod. My 01 never got over 15MPG, and for a 210 HP truck, that bugged me. My 07 has gotten 16.1 in mixed driving, which is about what I was hoping for. BUT, this MPG is because I have been driving like a grandma, actually driving the speed limit for once.

The interior is nice, nicest cloth seats I have ever owned, my 01 was leather. I wish they had power seats like the LE offers. The interior looks well put togather, and not cheap like other trucks, not overly cheap looking plastic. Plenty of room in the back seat, and actually comfortable according to my wife. The sunroof is the best option, it is possitioned perfectly, and is actually much quieter than my pop up sunroof on my 01.

I have not used the 4x4 yet, I have only had the truck for a few days, but I expect it will be as nice or nicer than my 01. Bottom line, all 4x4's are going to get horrible gas mileage, but for the HP, the build quality, and my great history with Nissan, I decided to get another Frontier. IF Toyota had offered a sunroof on their Tacomas, who knows, but they don't. I feel like I sit up higher than almost every other truck too, feels much higher up than my 01.

Expect poor gas mileage, maybe 17 or more on a 4x2. It is supposed to be 15/20, for 4x4's, but I really do not think I will ever get a sniff of anything over 16-17 mpg. I like the truck, and will keep this one for 200k or so, and see what Nissan has 5 or 6 years from now. Side note, Nismo does not come with leather, but I saw an aftermarket, Nissan approved leather in a floor model Altima, and WOW, it was sweet.

2007 Nissan Frontier

2007 Frontier,

2007-09-10 04:41:29

I bought this truck for $24000.00, loaded with all kinds of creature compforts. My 7'th truck.


a. The gas mileage isn't that bad for a 4.o liter engine.



1. The turning radious is lowsy, My full size 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 had a better turn radious.

2. The lights stay on when you turn engine off???

3. All the trucks I had before had auto lights included around the same price!

4. Nissan doesn't give you a loaner while your truck is in service? OK Dodge doesn't either. But ford, Chevy, Toyota does.

5. The door armrest's are too small.

2007 Nissan Frontier

'07 Crew Cab

2007-09-07 03:27:02

Ive looked at all other midsized trucks in this class. I really wasnt set out to buy a Jap truck; but after comparing what this truck had; features; equipment etc for about the same price; it totally blew away the Chevy Colorodo which is what I set out to buy. This Frontier crew cab package; had the long bed; sprayed on bedliner; bed extender; sun roof, tow package which were all extra on the Chevy Colorodo. Its a shame the American companies are way behind the times when it comes to the small truck market. The interior was more like a car than a truck. Also; this truck has a lot more power than the others I test drove. Even though its a V6; Id compare it to a small block V8.

2007 Nissan Frontier

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