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Infinti M is for Misery

2009-04-24 17:43:42

My M35 Bluetooth would not synch with AT&T 8525. First Nissan refused to fix it though it froze my entire console. They said it wasn't on their list of phones. Bluetooth is a trademark a company can ONLY use if its devices are interoperable with others. Failure to comply is a violation of the trademark. Then Nissan relented and after 4 tries finally fixed the problem. Recently the A/C Condenser was struck by a stone. The car was under warranty but they refused to cover it. Damage by stone chips is an exclusion. Understandable for paint damage but if they design a grill only for air flow, not to protect the condenser that is a design defect. And their voice recognition, for telephone numbers may be the worst in the world. So, on the face of it, the M35 may look like a nice car and be fun to drive but God forbid you have to deal with Nissan for warranty repairs. Of the Japanese car manufacturers they are, no doubt, the worst to deal with. Buy at your own risk!

2007 Infiniti M35

Review of 2007 Infiniti M35

2009-03-22 19:27:16

Excellent car without any major deficiencies. Plenty of power and fun to drive. This car replaced a Lincoln Town Car and we are very happy.

2007 Infiniti M35

Great car

2007-12-09 12:58:24

I would like a little more visibility in reverse but with the camera it is ok. The car is otherwise outstanding.

2007 Infiniti M35

Review of 2007 Infiniti M35

2007-12-01 01:34:00

2007 Infiniti M35

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