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5.0 out of 5

Great Truck

2009-03-29 10:35:40

After owning & driving a Ridgeline no other truck or car will ever do it for me.Honda does it again.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Great work truck for my business

2009-02-21 13:52:35

I am self-employed and have had my Ridgeline for a little over 2 years. For the past year or so I started using my Ridgeline as my business truck. It has worked out like a charm. I have a courier service here in Hawaii and it has been the almost perfect vehicle for the job. I say 'almost' because the 2 negatives are gas mileage (about 16 to 17 mpg) and don't go over the 1500 lb payload! Otherwise it has been a wonderful vehicle to use in my business. It is a very comfortable truck, it's also a very smooth riding truck (compared to my son's new F-150, it's like riding in a MDZ S class!)and very quiet. The bed has been big enough to take a standard 48" by 40" pallet and plenty enough space in the back seat (with seats up) for my deliveries. The under-the bed trunk is also very useful. Power is more than enough and the engine sounds good when you have to floor it. Reliability has been outstanding! So if you need a good run-about truck, check out the Honda Ridgeline!

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Great Performance - Nice Style & Comfort

2009-02-14 11:55:40

We love this truck - it's the first truck I've ever driven and it's stylish and really comfortable. It rides and handles like a much more expensive vehicle. We are planning to get another one at the end of our lease - this time a purchase.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Review of 2007 Honda Ridgeline

2009-01-19 01:46:37

The truck that drives like a car. Rear truck below the bed is awesome. Very comfortable and reliable.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

2007 Honda Ridgeline

2008-08-30 09:29:31

I love my honda ridgeline. We are both tall people and this truck is just what we needed. We can carry a lot in the trunk that is a plus. We have only one thing we wish was better that is the gas mileage. Overall we are very satisfy.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Best Truck on the market

2008-06-26 02:14:32

Best performance, technology, quality and value of any competitive truck. These are used by Blackwater in Iraq where they are preferred. The Ridgeline is impressive looking, great on gas, rides like a car and will stick to the roads in both icey and snow covered roads. Quality is impressive.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Ridgeline v Cadillac CTS

2007-09-26 06:51:32

I traded my 2006 Cadillac CTS for my 2007 Ridgeline and have never been happier. It is more comfortable and has a smoother ride, more power and I recorded 26 MPG on my last trip. I get looks of approval whereever I drive it. Never will I be "Cadillac Charlie" again.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Honda reliability with a non truck-like ride.

2007-09-01 11:39:12

I bought this vehicle while shopping for a pickup truck. I have owned trucks in the past and was always unhappy with the ride quality as a daily use vehicle Not so in the Ridgeline. It doesn't even feel like a truck. The ride is great and the features are better than any other truck on the market. A standard bed liner and trunk, a pivotable tailgate, as well as two rear foldup seats are some of my favorite features. The optional navigation system is easily the best I have seen out there.

There are more powerful and better off-road performing trucks out there but none with the reliability of a Honda. The only cons I have are the styling is a bit goofy (the front comes too mind) and the gas mileage seems a bit overstated in my experience. I have yet to get close to 20 MPG even on a highway only road trip. More like 17 at best and 14 in the city. I've never owned a vehicle that got the stated MPG though. The turning radius also seems a bit large, but it is a mid-size truck.

Overall a great vehicle that I love to drive.

My reccomendation is to get the nav and the XM it is worth the extra dough.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Great for someone who needs a part time truck.

2007-08-24 04:19:42

This truck is a great balance between a crossover and a truck. It accomplishes everything a crossover or minivan can do yet also has truck abilities. This vehicle will never sell to a hardcore truck fan, but thats not its goal. It rides like a car and gives you plenty of cargo and passenger room. The layout in the cabin is great. This vehicle excells at being the weekend errand choice. It will haul plenty of things from home depot or a gardening center. If your an outdoorsy type you can load up your mountain bikes or kayaks and head out. This vehicle is just a pleasure to own. I needed a vehicle that wasn't a car but didn't want to have to rough it with a ladder on frame truck either. This is the balance I needed. The in bed trunk is the best thing since sliced bread. Rear seats fold up easily with the pull of a handle and return to the down position the same way. Loads of head room and leg room. Gas is decent considering all that is relative. Mixed driving usually produces 20 mpg.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

Review of 2007 Honda Ridgeline

2007-08-05 10:52:43

i never would have guessed in a million years that i would have bought a honda truck. im a chevy man. best ride,more fun and now a truck that you can store stuff in the trunk. this is the most fun i have ever had driving a truck. thanks honda.

2007 Honda Ridgeline

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