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5.0 out of 5

Outstanding ride quality

2010-05-12 19:30:28

The smooth ride and functional features along with value made me pick the Expy again. This is my 2nd Expy and I like it even better than my 1st. The engine is strong and smooth. I think the 6 speed has been helpful in mpgs.

2007 Ford Expedition

GREAT TRUCK!!! Love it

2007-09-06 01:32:19

We are Chevy people, but this truck has blown us away. Bought it off the lot in apr 07 with 0 milage,,,has about 10,00 on it now, and NO COMPLAINTS at all with it!!! Love everything about it. never even thought about picking anything else! Have thought of buying another one so we have matching ones.. Would recomend this truck to anyone that is looking for one. The color is deep dark copper and the truck in monochrome...no chrome on the outside at all....;good looking truck. The wife gets comments on it whereever she drives it!

We usually are pulling a trailer with the truck also,,,either motorcycles or our boat ect....This V-8 pulls like its got 300 mules pulling the BORAX wagons!!! Engine doesnt even breath hard! and handleing with a trailer is excellent.

I love the rear power seats, the power pop out rear windows and the sirus satillite radio!!! Also the AC seats, and vehical monitoring systems is excellant. We have had not one complaint about our truck sence the purchase!! Like I said, this is coming from long time chevy people....Another FORD is in our immediate future....either another expidition, EDGE, or explorer---we have a 2002 explorer that we love alos, But we bought thte expiditon new...Dealership (Hadry Ford) Dallas GA....has treated us great!!! Nothing but good to say about the entier experience!!!



2007 Ford Expedition

Ford Got It Right

2007-07-28 08:37:00

What a vehicle. The ride and comfort of this vehicle is amazing. I compared the Expedition to the Chevy Tahoe and found a significant difference in ride, interior comfort, and price. I had been driving a Chevy product and I have a second Chevy 2007 car so I am not anti-GM by any means. This vehicle has several things going for it as compared to other SUVs I have driven (which include another Expedition from years ago). The acceleration is smooth and quiet. The ride is stable and tight. It handles cleanly in cornering without a lot of sway. The turning radius is unbelievable. I think this is one of the best vehicles out there for the space and money.

2007 Ford Expedition

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