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5.0 out of 5

Review of 2007 BMW X3

2010-02-22 19:12:57

Best car I have ever driven, love all the amenities.

2007 BMW X3

It's a keeper1

2008-07-19 09:42:29

This was my first luxury car and I love everything about the car and the brand. The ride and handling are something I had never really appreciated in a car before.

2007 BMW X3

Review of 2007 BMW X3

2008-03-11 12:38:49

2007 BMW X3

I love it!

2007-12-21 11:14:37

I love it! I love it! I love it!

2007 BMW X3

Outstanding BMW Crossover

2007-10-29 10:21:00

We have our first X3 and I have to say, being a Jeep owner in the past, this SAV is the best handling, sure footed vehicle I have ever had! (On or off road) The top of the line amercian SUV vehicles just won't compare to this vehicle. The size of the X3 will fool you as there is an abundance of passenger room in the back seat while the cargo area is larger than you think. I have been so impressed with this car I bought for my wife, that I will probably buy the X5 for myself. (I need the larger X5 as I like the larger vehicle and V-8).

My wife loves the size as she appreciates the smaller vehicles for fighting for those parking spaces while shopping. Quick and nimble, and very very fast with the 3.0 engine. The feul mileage has been very good also as with 11,000 miles now it reflects about 21 mpg and still rising!

With evrything you want inside to appreciate the luxury of this fine european SUV, who could ask for more?!

We opted for the extras (Leather, heated seats, larger wheels and tires, etc.) and the extra cash paid for this SUV when compared to others in the market was well worth the price paid. We also get lots and lots of comments about the vehicle with most saying they didn't know BMW had a vehicle like this! We also like this vehicle as there are really not a lot of them on the road in our area of the country. I guess you could say that it is a best kept secret!

Thanks BMW for the workmanship and design of this car.

2007 BMW X3

Just flat out fun!

2007-09-09 09:38:47

Fun and fast! Feel the road, so this is not a luxury sedan, but if you enjoy the driving experience, you'll love it! The turning capabilities are amazing.

2007 BMW X3

Yes it is a BMW in all way´s

2007-08-17 08:54:46

Another car that is keeping in tradition with what one expects, from a BMW.A vehicle that is a pleasure to drive, both Sporty when required! and laid back when touring.Here in Germany, it is sometimes a benefit to have a little more "Power" for the Autobahn as most German Driver´s, like to drive Fast. But with this car that is no problem, though at high speed it does feel a little bouncy "120 MPH+".Off Road it lacks a little, you can not compare it too say a Land rover. But another very fine vehicle from BMW.

2007 BMW X3

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