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BMW 530 Xi

2009-03-30 08:24:29

The computer in this 07/08 BMW is NOT WORTH the name BMW.. Its SLOW; NOT user Friendly; STUPID would be a better description....EXAMPLE: BMW is more interested in the start up "LEGAL WARNING" than the BACK UP alarm. "NOT INTUITIVE" I will not purchase another $68,000 BMW with its COMIDORE like computer system...

2007 BMW 530

Review of 2007 BMW 530

2008-06-23 01:14:12

2007 BMW 530


2007-09-07 04:56:12

I bought my second one last April. The 2007 is much improved in the areas of styling and power. I love this car - I have named it "Gunther" and my husband swears I would choose it over him...hmm. My husband ditches his sports car in favor of Gunther on occasion and says that the performance is quite respectable - high praise indeed coming from him.

2007 BMW 530

525-530i Is Greatly Improved

2007-09-07 03:34:00

I have owned my 2007 BMW since late Oct of 2006. The car is exciting to drive and very responsive. The I-Drive can be a problem if you do not read the manual, otherwise it is almost user friendly. The interior is quiet, well appointed, and not as "stiff" as the typical German manufactured sports sedans.

With 10K miles on the car, no problems at all. The most rewarding part of ownership comes from selecting the correct BMW dealership. The relationship is a true partnership - and a good dealership (like Classic BMW of Dallas) makes the ownership experience fantastic!

PS: Do not wait to change the oil until the required 12,000 miles - better safe than sorry!

2007 BMW 530

BMW 530i

2007-09-07 03:13:00

I ordered my BMW 530i from the factory because it was difficult to find a fully loaded model with a 6-speed manual transmission, which is what I wanted. The car has not disappointed. The Sports package with the anti-roll stabilization feature is unbelievably effective on corners with the 19" low profile tires. The only problem is, remembering when I drive other cars like my wife's Volvo SUV, that they don't have the same capability.

The other amazing feature about this car is the gas mileage. On trips to Oregon from the SF Bay Area, the car routinely gets 30-32 miles per gallon. Combined driving with lots of local city traffic is still 21 mpg.

Unlike many people, i like the i-drive though it has been problematic at times. Every 6 months or so it has a hissy fit and has to be reset by the dealer. But it's way more intuitive than the one on my previous car, a 2002 745i.

I'm glad I got the six cylinder. It has more than adequate power - especially at high revs. When the car hits about 80 mph, you can literally feel it "haunch down," grip the road tighter and prepare to have some fun.

All in all it is a perfect driving experience and I'm very happy with the car. I long ago realized that Mercedes cars were too staid, the Lexus and Infiniti have no soul and are almost too perfect. The BMW is the only luxury car that really provides the feeling that you're still part of the driving experience. This is my fourth one and I can't imagine driving anything else. My next car will be a six series convertible once I don't have to worry about carpooling as much.


2007 BMW 530

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