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4.0 out of 5

I love my 525i 2007 BMW

AOL user 2009-06-12 23:05:37

I just purchased a 2007 525i. I traded in my 2004 Mercedes SUV that still had baby miles on it. I have always liked the BMW sexy,stylish look. I almost ended up walking out and not getting it, but I knew the one I brought was a EXCELLENT deal. It rides nice,smooth, and I have plenty of room (6ft)I did not get alot extra options,what it has is enough for me. I have taken it out for pleasure rides and it handles well. I was amazed when hearing that regular gas could be use, but the book calls for 91. That would be the only thing that I had a issue about. Otherwise, I enjoy the car. I am glad that we were able to get it, oh yeah my husband brought it for me just because, and that makes the deal even sweeter. I recommend the car to anyone,folks are amazed when I tell them that is is a 2007. It only had 24988 miles on it when I got it along with the extended warranty. Ireally love my car@

2007 BMW 525

BMW 525 mildew stench

jtprlp2009 2009-05-18 23:59:12

BMW is aware that many of their cars develop mildew in the AC system. They call this 'environmental' and blame it on So. Cal climate. Got news for all, my Fords and my Chrysler are in the same state and have NO problems. Car is again in shop for the second 'cleaning' in 40 days and I just bought this POS 90 days ago. The mildew makes me physically ill and the cleaning has lasted less than 30 days. Per the dealership (another piece of 'work' - I curse myself for not staying with Cadillac!) BMW isn't going to accept responsibility and we're on our own. All my ratings are specific to the stench! How can you enjoy a vehicle if it makes you physically ill to drive it?

2007 BMW 525

BMW 525

DJSNAPLES 2009-03-12 07:15:23

I have enjoyed my BMW 525 but my biggest complaint is the air conditioning. It has a mildew smell when it starts. I have had it ozoned quit a few times and the filters changed and the smell always comes back. I have allergies and this is a real problem for me. When I take it in to be serviced I am given different reasons for this problem depending on who you talk to.

2007 BMW 525

Review of 2007 BMW 525

2008-07-03 03:51:12

i do have BMW 525I 2003 very nice car fast,smooth riding, and never have a problem,just maintain change oil and regular tune up at least twice a year,good in gas in hwy.and looks good intr.and extr.even 5yrs.old

2007 BMW 525

bmw 525

2008-01-27 02:30:28

smooth ride, quite, fast, and great looking, what else can i say

2007 BMW 525

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