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3 out of 5

The perfect SUV for people who usually hate SUV's.

2010-08-09 21:42:29

I bought my 2006 CR-V used due to the fact that I do not like the new redesigned model. I use my car for work, which involves mostly city driving along with some highway driving. It's almost always carrying a load of some kind. The ********* carried is over 800 lbs. of tools. It also carries my kayaks and other outdoor gear. It's seen some decent off-roading action as well. I may be 67 years old but the last thing I wanna be driving is some floaty Buick. I love my CR-V and highly recommend the 2nd generation model that I have.

2006 Honda CR-V

Review of 2006 Honda CR-V

2009-08-29 18:25:43


2006 Honda CR-V

Goodbye it has been fun!

2009-04-17 12:02:24

When I buy a car it is because I fall in love with it. I did the same with the 06" CRV. Bought a top of the line all wheel drive SE. It was great at first, but now the glow has worn off. The Dealer Bridgestone tires only lasted a mere 32K miles...absolutely the worst tires I have ever owned. I replaced them with Good Year tires and so far so good. The SE has heated seats...and they have become the most butt unfriendly seats. I am not heavy at all, but the seats just aren't comfortable anymore and aren't holding up that well. The rear differential fluid needs to be changed fairly frequently. The driverside and passenger side windows rattle when opened a few inches for ventilation. And don't get me started on Honda windshields. They pit all too easily. I have owned 5 Honda's previously and I can tell you this will be my last Honda.

2006 Honda CR-V


2009-02-01 14:45:57

Vehicle becomes very difficult to control in high winds (guess 40 -50 mph plus). This has happened on two occasions. On the first, I encountered the wind as I came around a bend in the freeway and almost lost control of the vehicle; really scared me. On the second, driving across the Mojave Desert, I was more sensitive to the problem and adjusted my speed before the control loss became severe. To cope, I had to reduce my speed to 15 - 20 below the speed limit. However, I seemed to be the only one with a problem. Other SUVs were zipping by me with no problem. I took the vehicle to my dealer and they found 'no porblems' with the vehicle. They suggested that maybe I should buy all new tires for $600 to $800. At this time, the vehicle is very unsafe to drive in windy conditions.

2006 Honda CR-V

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2008-04-05 10:09:12

2006 Honda CR-V

Review of 2006 Honda CR-V

2007-10-25 08:02:13

I owned two Honda CR-V's and the first was a 2000 it ran great no problems. My next one was a 2006 CR-V It was the worst experience I ever had. My vehicle sway bar broke ( unknowingly) which steers and controls the vehicle. When I took my vehicle to the dealer and explained my vehicle was swerving to the right they said they would check it along with my 25,000 mile maintenance. They returned vehicle and said I was all set I needed tires balanced and rotated. The very next day I was driving on freeway and my car went out of control again almost hitting another car, I imediatly called for them to pick-up my vehicle the dealer called 1 hour later saying my vehicle was ready I asked, did he test drive it? he said "yes", he said the forgot to balance the tires. Huh, okay. (2)weeks later I was driving on the freeway except the weather was bad, rain, sleet, and snow my car went out of control swerving left then right spinning around 3-5 times til someone struck me then my vehicle came to a halt. with me up against the wall. When my vehicle was inspected the mechanic noticed my sway bar was broken and stated there was know way I could have caused or prevented this accident.Of course when I notified the dealer they said my sway bar was broke during the accident, there was know damage on that side of the vehicle other than a flat tire & bent rim. It was a big mess. I needed transportation for work (I worked in the field), lost my job, could'nt pay notes, loss vehicle. And had no respect for Honda after trying to get them to fix my CR-V. They had no consideration for a repeat customer or to be truthful also they fired the person who took my order when I returned to let them know I was in an accident due to there negligence .I will never, ever, ever, purchase another Honda again.

2006 Honda CR-V

Differential fluid

2007-09-15 07:49:56

I heard a noise when I turned hard left and right. Went back to the dealer and they knew right away what it was.They said CRV's from 2002-2006 the fluid breaks down which causes this problem. If this is happening with the CRV's why doesn't Honda have a recall on this. I only have 16,512 miles on mine and have had it since June 2006. I don't think that I get the mileage that they say you should get. It seems to drink the gas.

2006 Honda CR-V

Review of 2006 Honda CR-V

2007-08-11 06:19:00

Front-wheel Drive EX~March~2006~22,501-30,000~56-65~~Louisiana~City~Easy-Going~Daily Commuting~Family~~~~

2006 Honda CR-V

Review of 2006 Honda CR-V

2007-08-11 02:17:06

This is my second Honda (the first one a '79 Civic wagon that lost a head gasket at 90,000 miles). My previous two cars were a Nissan Mamima and a Ford Bronco II. The Nissian with 140,000 with a 3.0 liter engine got 30+ mpg on the highway, the Bronco II 25+ on daily driving to work. I was hoping for an inprovement on that milage. My 06 Honda CRV had a been big disappointment. I check my milage closely and note every fillup. Sofar 25-26 mpg is the best I have done driving very conservatively. The car is easy to drive and it is now my daily driver about 30 miles round trip to work. In a mild crosswind the car requires work to keep it in a lane. I generally keep cars(good ones) 10-20 years I doubt this CRV will make the cut!!!!

2006 Honda CR-V

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