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Review of 2006 Ford E-350 Super Duty

2008-11-07 20:06:56

We purchased a rolling chassis to be converted into an ambulance. We have had two major repair problems with this unit as well as 2 other 2006 units we purchased within the same year. The diesel fuel injection system is powered by the oil pump. The bracket holding the oil pump was improperly made from the factory, the wrong angle or something like this, causing the pump to not work properly thus causing the fuel to not be pumped properly which in turn 'you no go'. Secondly, the transmission is automatically shifting out of overdrive at hiway speeds. This is happening to only one of our 2006 so far but i'm not holding my breath. The trans problem is very intermittent so they replace a part test drive and it is fine. We pick it up, go a block and turn around, back to the shop. This is a real head-scratcher.

2006 Ford E-350 Super Duty

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