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4.5 out of 5

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2008-04-07 09:29:04

2005 Saturn Relay

Review of 2005 Saturn Relay

2007-09-18 08:17:09

I love it no problems kids are in there own seats , and they can not bother each other. Great interior TV, space everything

2005 Saturn Relay

Okay SUV

2007-07-27 11:42:41

Not bad but not great either.

2005 Saturn Relay

Nice Van

2007-07-26 02:48:58

I have had GM minivans before this one and really liked the nice Relay interior. Much nicer than other earlier GM designs. Had no issues during my 2 year lease. Perhaps was not as nice as some other minivan options but I found it to be a good van for not much money.

2005 Saturn Relay

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