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2013-12-23 14:07:55

I purchased this vehicle used at 63,200 miles on it in 2010. I expected a quality vehicle and dependability. It is dealer maintained and babied. But the results of this do not seem to pay off. It now has 126,800 miles on it and in that time I have had both rear wheal bearings replaced, the rear passenger bumper light go out, a license plate bulb go out, the rear struts replaced, annoying rattles, a heat shield replaced, the outside mirrors don't move completely as they should, slight power steering leak, slight transmission leak, a radiator hose replaced, front driver side headlight condensation, and another leak that I can't remember right now. O and two recalls along the way! The paint is of poor quality and if you look real closely, you can see slight rust spots all over the paint. I'm thinking of everything that I possibly can right now to make people aware. The car has never left me stranded or feeling unsafe at all. I don't feel that a car like this should have this many issues regardless of mileage. I will be selling this car to my father to have as his second car. In the next few months I will be looking to get a pre owned Toyota Highlander which is bigger, more reliable, and cheaper. Best of luck!

2005 Lexus RX 330

Five Star Car

2007-11-01 11:41:00

This car is Luxury.

From the handling, to the comfort, and the ease of using its navigation, the RX330 is exactly what you would expect from Lexus. Luv it, Luv it, Luv it.

2005 Lexus RX 330

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